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3-Day Accelerated Marriage Counseling (AMC)


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Karl Elkins ThM, MA, LPC, CSC, BCPCC, DAPA
"You Do Not Have A Marriage Problem That God Cannot Fix"
If the Spirit of God raised Jesus from the dead, then He can certainly resurrect a dead marriage.  

However, they typical 1-hr session approach doesn't work, you need an Accelerated Marriage Counseling approach (AMC).

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If meeting the "Need Of The Moment" is so important (Marriage Skill #15), then consider for a moment, what is the best way to know your partner's 'Need Of The Moment' (Eph. 4:29 NASB), not the second best way, but the very best way? 


If you said "to ask," then realize you guessed the second best, and as important and helpful as asking is to determine the 'Need Of The Moment,' there is even a better way to know the 'Need Of The Moment'-- it is to find out how you most hurt your partner. 


If my wife is hurt, but won't tell me the hurt; then I have a 1 in 12 (Top 12 Needs Marriage Skills #2-14) chance of guessing the 'Need Of The Moment.' Those are not very good odds. I would never get on an airplane with a 1 in 12 chance of landing safely, would you?


But if my wife will just tell me the event that hurt her, I can usually guess the 'Need Of The Moment' every time. For example, let's suppose that I sense a wall between Terry and me. You know the wall don't you. Something is wrong; you just don't know what it is. So then, I ask Terry "Terry is there a way that I have hurt you that I have not fully resolved?" If she just tells me the event by saying "you did not take the trash out," I can quickly figure out that her 'Need Of The Moment' is clearly support (Marriage Skill #15).. 


You may think I am exaggerating with my next comment -- and I probably am a little, but not near as much as you think I am. But if I meet 11 of her 12 needs perfectly, with the very perfection of Christ, but fail to meet the 'Need Of The Moment' then there is a wall of hurt between us. On the other hand, if I meet the one 'Need Of The Moment,' I can almost fail miserably at the other 11 and she thinks I am a hero. 


Ask your partner if they think this true. If true, notice how much hope it gives you to restore intimacy in your marriage. You don't have to earn a PhD in marriage counseling to become intimate. You may not need months of counseling. You may not have to read dozens of books on "How To Have A Better Marriage." You probably just need to acknowledge the ways you have most hurt your partner, and drastically change them one at a time. 


So the best way to truly find out your partners 'Need Of The Moment' is to find out how you most hurt them. By exploring the ways you hurt your partner and the unmet needs behind these hurts you will quickly learn some of the most valuable information about your partner that you can learn -- the first of which is knowing their "Need Of The Moment."

2-Day Marriage ClinicMarriageClinic                         Schedule/Register Now
NEXT CLINIC:  June 7-8, 2012
Save $60 if register by Wednesday, May 24, 2012 4:30 pm

A 2-day clinic to learn / experience 25 Core Relational Life Skills.
 * The #1 reason marriages struggle and fail
 * One concept that stops all arguing
 * Why love is not meeting a need but the "Need Of The Moment"
 * How to heal and recover from past hurts
 * "Top 12 Needs Of Men And Women"
 * How to recover from infidelity
 * Learn essential lifestyle disciplines
 * How to communicate desires and hurts without provoking anger
 * See more topics   

This is a group event but you never share your 'stuff' 
with the group. You learn 25 skills and then privately communicate with your partner. The only person you have to talk with is your spouse! 


2-Day Marriage Clinics are held on the first Thursday / Friday of every month from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm.  The 2012 schedule is:  


May 3-4

Sep 6-7


Jun 7-8

Oct 4-5


Jul 5-6

Nov 1-2


Aug 2-3

Dec 6-7

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Contact Information:

Phone: (832) 358-0900   

3-Day Accelerated Marriage Counseling



 REGISTER NOW for 3-Day AMC           


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This is the fastest way to marital harmony!  Give us 3-days and you will experience the marriage you always dreamed of!



See 13 Reasons Accelerated Counseling is better than 1-hr sessions



You will learn: 


* The #1 reason marriages struggle and fail

* One concept that stops all arguing

* Why love is not meeting a need but the "Need Of The Moment"

* How to heal and recover from past hurts

* "Top 12 Needs of Men and Women"

* How to recover from infidelity

* Learn essential life style disciplines

* Get to the root of addictions

* How to communicate desires and hurts without provoking anger

* See more topics


Completely private: you, your partner and the counselor only.  No group sessions are included. 


Call to schedule. 


Phone: (832) 358-0900



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Terry Elkins MA
Private Couples CounselingPrivateCouplesCounseling

To schedule individual counseling please contact Terry at:

Phone:  (832) 358-0900
Town & Country Office Location
(Katy Freeway@ Beltway 8)

10575 Katy Freeway, Suite 315
Houston, TX 77024-1012


About Karl Elkins, LPC, ThM, MA, CSC, BCPCC, DAPAAboutKarlElkins Karl Pic

Karl has 26 years of counseling experience
having seen over 3500 clients and is an Adjunct Instructor at College of Biblical Studies teaching Marriage and Family courses. He is Founder and President of Christway Counseling Center P.C. specializing in marriage and family counseling. He earned a Master's degree in Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary, and a Master's degree in Counseling from Colorado Christian University. He was formerly on staff with Intimate Life Ministries and director of a Houston Minirth-Meier New Life Clinic. He is married to Terry Elkins and has two grown children.
Save $60
If you schedule for the 2-Day Marriage Clinic by 4:30 p.m. 15 days before the event, save $60 off the regular registration price.

Coupon does not need to be printed or presented and the offer is transferable. Share this discount with friends and families that might benefit from the 2-Day Marriage Clinic.

Offer expires each month at 4:30 pm 15 days before next 2-Day Marriage Clinic