Why it's not OK to be a RINO
Five big differences between John Carroll and Linda Lingle.

BY JOHN CARROLL - There is a recent article by Josh Lederman in "The Hill" entitled "Former Gov. Lingle not running from RINO tag."  In it, Mr. Lederman states, "For most Republican politicians, there is no smear more loathed, more insulting or more politically perilous than to be called a RINO - a Republican in Name Only. Not for Linda Lingle."  He goes on to quote Lingle, "I've been called a RINO before, which I don't mind."


I disagree with Lingle's cavalier dismissal of the label.  "RINO" implies fraud.


Does Linda Lingle see's the Republican Party in Hawaii as something to be used as a base of operations from which to get elected rather than as a movement with cherished ideals to nurture and lead? The fact that she tolerates the term RINO is insulting to those of us who still think that the Republican Party, the party of Ronald Reagan, still stands for something, something considerably more important than personal political ambition. Read More



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