June 2012

NEW! AL Systems Profile

Our redesigned aluminum rail will allow you to offer more competitive pricing for light capacity workstation cranes. The aluminum rail comes in two sizes, AL2 and AL3, and is well suited for multiple configurations while transporting capacities up to 2200 lbs. The new aluminum rail can also be connected to any existing AL Systems™ you may currently have.
All AL Systems™ Rail is manufactured in the USA.



Beginning in January EMH offered its dealers a Complimentary Free Night Stay with Marriott for their first AL Systems Order in 2012. (Restrictions Applied)


EMH would like to recognize the following dealers who will be receiving Marriott Hotel Certificates.




John McMahon - Engineered Handling Systems

Paul Nolan - Engineered Handling Systems

Nick Kerber - Equipco Div Phillips Corp.

Kevin Slife - Handling Concepts

Bob Goodwin - Indoff

Scott Paisley - Indoff

James Roark - Indoff

Paul Kraft - Kraftwerks

 Brad Ayers - Platnick 







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NEW! AL Systems Profile
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