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Why EMH Crane Services?



- Renewed operational life

- Meet increased demand for overhead material handling

- Reduced maintenance and operating expenses

- Better load spotting and load control

- Know the law! Understand the current safety standards mandated by OSHA and other regulators


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Test Your Knowledge


The most common percentage of rigging hardware, which would require its removal from service, is what amount?

a. 5%

b. 10%

c. 15%






And the correct answer, is? B.
Are You OSHA Compliant?


Dear (Contact First Name),


Do you know OSHA's Crane Regulations?



Let EMH Crane Services take the guesswork out of OSHA compliance. Our skilled technicians are familiar with OSHA crane regulations

and requirements and know what is necessary to keep your cranes operating safely at optimum performance levels.


When your crane needs work, think EMH Crane Services. Give us a call today!


Joe Piscitello
Manager, EMH Crane Services
(330) 220-8600 Ext. 221

Did You Know?

.....OSHA requires monthly inspections with certification of your crane's hook?


And according to Regulation Standard: 1910.179(j)(2)(iii) these may be causes for removal and replacement:


- Wear in excess of 5% in the neck of the hook and 10% in other areas including the bow of the hook

- An increase in the hook throat opening of more than 15%

- Any twist in the hook of more than 10%   

- All hooks with threads and nuts need to be inspected periodically

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