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Located in
Columbus, Ohio
Phone: (614) 291-6508
Covering Southern Ohio south of Mansfield, Ohio Industrial Equipment, Ltd. is available to assist you with all your crane service and spare parts needs!


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A Total Service Program for Overhead Cranes


...... a program that can be designed with your individual service needs in mind!

As part of EMH's commitment to excellence in the Material Handling Industry, our service program continues that commitment.


EMH provides service, repairs, parts and inspections which are vital to your company's continued productivity. EMH can offer any or all of these maintenance related services.

We have taken great strides to ensure that our customer's needs are responded to in both a timely and professional manner, to minimize your crane's down time.

So protect your investment. Keep your workplace operating efficiently!


Service Contract Packages


All Service Contract packages include:

- OSHA Compliance Inspections (includes one inspection per year as required)
- Special Hourly Rates
- Discount on Spare Parts
- Priority Response for Service Contract Holders
- Individual Maintenance Tracking folder for each crane
- One, Two Year Service Contracts available upon request. 
Let EMH lift the burden of maintaining your crane by taking advantage of our service package. You will ensure that your crane is safe and operating at its full potential!
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Joe Piscitello
Manager, EMH Crane Services
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