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EMH, Inc. is well known as a manufacturer of quality overhead cranes and hoists. But you may not know that EMH also has a full time service division to maintain your cranes and keep your operations running efficiently.
When your crane needs work, think EMH Crane Services. Give us a call today!
Joe Piscitello
Manager, EMH Crane Services
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Thinking About Upgrades for Your Crane? 
You may want to consider incorporating variable frequency drives into your facility.

Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) will not only reduce your operating costs, but prolong the life of your crane. Not to mention that they're also energy efficient!


VFD's operate by controlling the rotational speed of an alternating current electric motor, which varies the frequency of the electrical power supply to the motor. A motor operating at a lower speed ultimately means less energy consumption!



Test Your Knowledge


According to the U.S. Department of Energy, what percentage of motor-driven equipment account for the electricity consumed by the U.S. industry?



a. 42%


b. 64%


c. 76% 




Answer: B

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