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New 7000D Offers High Capacity in a Standard Wire Rope Hoist Package.

EMH Double Girder Hoist

Standard, 4/1 and 6/1 reeved wire rope hoists can now be used for capacities up to 40 tons. The new EMH 7000D series provides a cost effective solution for many double girder cranes in the 15 through 40 ton range.


The Model 7000 features 80 fpm VFD trolleys, and standard EMH features such as two upper and 1 lower geared limit switch, quick disconnect plugs, and articulating trolley endtrucks to prevent three-wheeling. For details, see our chart at www.emhcranes.com/hoists.html .    


With an extensive selection of standard wire rope hoists for single and double girder cranes, you'll find EMH to be a convenient source of high quality crane components. Give us a call today for more information or a quote.
AL Systems™ - the Smart Alternative for Workstation Cranes
  AL2 Aluminum Rail
Some reasons to consider EMH as your supplier of Aluminum Crane Systems and Components:
  • State-of-the-art rail design for smooth, easy load movement.
  • Freestanding and ceiling mounted systems; single and double girder models.
  • Rail manufactured in USA.
  • A company with 22 years experience in the overhead crane industry, ISO 9001:2008 certification, and membership in MHIA and CMAA.
If you're considering a source that will give you a high quality, profitable product that will enhance your reputation and bottom line, give EMH a call today! Or, for more information, visit the AL Systems™ section of our web site at http://emhcranes.com/alsystems.html.

February, 2011  
Crane Mfgrs. Assn. of America
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New High Capacity Hoists
EMH at ProMat 2011


See EMH at

Booth 1447


See Us at ProMat 2011
Our booth will feature our AL Systems™ Aluminum Rail Cranes plus our lines of bridge and gantry cranes for loads to 300 tons.

Also, for the Canadian market, our booth will have representatives from ECL, our partner in Montreal.

You'll find ProMat to be a great source of information on the latest in Material Handling technology. We look forward to seeing you!
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