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EMH Offers New
Engineered Hoist Models

EMH has expanded its line of engineered wire rope hoists to allow the user to chose the most economical hoist with optimal performance for a specific application.

HR Engineered Hoist
Model HR Hoist
The HR line provides capacities up to 50 tons with 4/1 or 6/1 reeving. It is well suited heavy duty applications with high cycles, such as steel service centers. VFD control of hoist and trolley motors and a heavy duty gearbox make the HR hoist better suited for these applications than standard packaged hoists.

HF Engineered Hoist
Model HF Hoist

The HF line offers capacities to 100 tons with 8/2 or 12/2 reeving for True Vertical Lift. Like the HR hoist, it comes with VFD control and and heavy duty gearbox.

Both the HR and HF hoist lines include:

  • Half-depth drum grooves to eliminate the need for rope guides.
  • DC disc brakes.
  • Easy access to upper sheaves for maintenance.
  • Class F motor insulation
  • Three-position geared limit switch (lower and upper operational, upper security) with addition of upper weight operated limit.
  • Standard closed Loop Flux Vector VFD hoist control.
  • Standard VFD trolley control
  • Standard Rotating axle trolley endtrucks.
  • 40,000 hours of B-10 life (hoist motor gearbox).
  • Rugged, durable motors and gearboxes with the added benefit of utilizing standard components such as drums, brakes, sheaves and wheels.
  • High quality, efficient, quiet AGMA Class 11 gearing.
  • Standard equalizer pin on trolley and endtrucks to prevent 3-wheeling.

December, 2010

Crane Mfgrs. Assn. of America

We at EMH would like to wish you and your colleagues a joyous Holiday Season and a most happy and prosperous 2011.

EMH Holiday Schedule 

We will be closed for the Christmas holiday on:

Friday, December 24

Monday, December 27

For the New Year's holiday, we will be closed on:

Friday, December 31

Monday, January 3

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