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October, 2012


Lisa S. Griffith
Lisa S. Griffith 

The shorter days and cooler weather bring more time inside our living and working spaces. Taking some time to create more order and more space in those areas will make the upcoming winter a more productive and enjoyable season. Once the leaf raking is done, it's time to tackle our stuff, paper and time. In her book, SHED Your Stuff, Change Your Life!, Julie Morgenstern discusses the importance of shedding both physical and mental clutter so you can realize your life goals. Is it time for you to move forward? Whether it's dealing with your paper clutter, closet clutter or time clutter, there is no better time than now!  



Getting Rid of

Yesterday's Junk   




The IN ORDER™ system is a tool to help you through the organizing process. Over the past few months, I've discussed the first three steps:

I = Invest - your time, energy and money in the organizing process.

N = Need - determine the area of greatest need where disorganization affects your life the most.

O = Organize - organize every item in the space into categories, sorting like items with like.


This month, we come to what can often be the most difficult part of the process for many. Reducing the amount of stuff we decide to keep. While being organized does not always require getting rid of possessions, most of us have too much stuff for the spaces in which we live and work, which makes finding what we need when we need it more difficult. In addition, the more stuff we have, the more time and effort it takes to manage it. Reducing the amount of things we keep in our space makes getting organized and staying organized significantly easier.


As you sort through and organize each item in the space into categories, ask yourself a few questions:

            When was the last time I used this item?

            Does this item still have meaning or use in my life as I currently live it?

            Would I be able to obtain this information again from another source?

            What would be the worst thing that could happen if I let it go?


Are holding on to an item because you spent a lot of money on it? Or because it used to fit and you've been planning on losing that last ten pounds for several years now? Or because someone gave it to you as a gift, but you never really liked it or used it and feel guilty getting rid of it? The nineteenth century author and designer William Morris said, "Have nothing in your home that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful." This enduring advice helps to establish the parameters of what you should keep in your home or office. If it's broken, outdated, outgrown, out of style, worn out, or just has no place in your life as you live it NOW, consider the physical and emotional space it occupies in your life and let it go.


Sentimental items are often the hardest things to let go. Sometimes we hold on to mementos of a past life or of loved ones because we fear that we may forget them. However, keep in mind that memories exist in our heads and hearts, not in a box. A few special mementos, kept and displayed with honor and respect, will bring more joy into your life than closets, attics, basements, and storage units filled to the brim with stuff that you never see or touch.


Once you have made the decision to reduce the stuff you keep in your space to only what is useful or beautiful, you will find that the next steps in the organizing process flow more swiftly. It will also be significantly easier to keep your spaces organized as time goes on.


"Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away." (Antoine de Saint-Exupery)



Next month: D = DESIGNATE 


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Organizing for  
Busy Moms
Friday, October 12, 2012

 9 am & 7 pm

Lisa speaks to the Barrington Baptist Church MOPS groups with tips for staying organized with kids!


Barrington Baptist Church

25 Old County Rd.

Barrington, RI


ClosetEventCLEAR™ Your Closet

Saturday, October 13, 2012

1 - 2 pm

 Learn how to clear the clutter, calm the chaos and get your closet organized in 5 easy steps, with Lisa's signature CLEAR™ system.

You will:

  • Reduce "overstuffed closet frustration."
  • Learn how to streamline your wardrobe and make it accessible.
  • Find out how to set up your closet so that everything has a place and is easy to grab and put away.
  • Discover organizing systems for all the closets in your home so that you can maximize your storage space.

Center Ace Hardware

156 County Rd.

Barrington, RI

This seminar is free, but registration is required due to limited space. To register, click here.  



PaperEventHow to Free Yourself from Paper Clutter:

It's Smarter to File than to Pile!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

6:30 - 8:00 pm

Is the day-to-day influx of paper that comes into your home or office threatening to take over your living and working spaces, and causing stress in your life? In this workshop, you will learn strategies that will help you organize that paper and gain control.

You will:

  • Learn how to establish a household information center that will keep important papers at your fingertips.
  • Find out how to manage incoming mail and other paperwork.
  • Discover what filing systems are available to help you retain and retrieve those important documents.
  • Be able to reclaim your desktop, kitchen countertop, dining room table, or any place that has become overwhelmed by paper clutter.
East Bay Chamber of Commerce
16 Cutler St. (facing Child St., next to Tom's Market)

Warren, RI

Workshop fee: $23

Advance registration is required. To register, click here.

An Organized Holiday:

Tips for a Stress-Free Holiday Season

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

7 - 8 pm

As the holidays approach, are you filled with the joy of the season, or with dread at the thought of your endless to-do list? When the big event finally rolls around, are you too exhausted to enjoy it? Come to this free seminar and you will:

  • Learn some holiday organizing tips and strategies that will decrease your anxiety and increase your productivity.
  • Set up a plan to organize your holiday to-do list.
  • Systemize your gift purchasing and giving.
Let me help you create a memorable, stress-free holiday season!

East Bay Chamber of Commerce

16 Cutler St. (facing Child St., next to Tom's Market)

Warren, RI

This seminar is free, but registration is required due to limited space. To register, click here.  


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