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May, 2012


Lisa S. Griffith
Lisa S. Griffith

For all of the moms out there, I'd like to share my favorite expression (posted prominently in my kitchen): "M is for Mother, not for Maid." And, as far as I'm concerned, EVERY day should be Mother's Day! I get to spend this Mother's Day with one of my favorite moms - my sister. We will be enjoying a girls' weekend together in NYC - our favorite place! I am blessed with a great family who makes me feel appreciated all year long, not just one day out of the year (well, most of the time!) If you're a mom who's looking for a little more time and a lot less stress, getting some help with organizing your home may just be what does the trick. Forget the flowers and candy - drop that hint to your family that a gift certificate for organizing services would be the perfect Mother's Day gift! It's clutter-free and doesn't need to be dusted - ever! Read on for what an organized home is really all about (it will make you feel good, I promise), check out some workshops, and take a few moments just to give yourself a little pat on the back for everything you do. However you spend your Mother's Day, I wish you relaxation and much joy!


Done Is Better than Perfect!
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I run into so many people who hear that I am a professional organizer and say, "boy, your home must be perfect all the time!" My response is usually to laugh and say, "my home is a real home with people living in it - which means it's NEVER perfect!" I am constantly amazed by how often people think organized = perfect. Nothing could be further from the truth. An organized home is not a perfect home. It's a well functioning home. It's not about how your home LOOKS, it's about how your home WORKS. How easily you can prepare a quick meal, pack a lunch, find the clothes you need to wear, get that school permission signed and back to school on time, wrap a gift, pay your bills. "In an organized home, stuff and surroundings are arranged to make it easy to carry on the work of daily life...Good organization speeds and simplifies every daily task." (from Houseworks, by Cynthia Towley Ewer.) It's not about cramming your stuff into matching pretty boxes, or having an expensive, built-in closet system installed. While I really enjoy having a neat, clean home, that's not what really makes it an organized home. Your home may be on the cluttered side, and that may be exactly how things work for you. I've been in some absolutely immaculate homes - on the surface. When we start to delve into closets, drawers and desks, they can tell a different story. The occupants may indeed be very organized folks whose home functions beautifully. But they may also be the victims of "hidden clutter", and disorganization and stress may run rampant just under the shiny surfaces. Organizing a home makes it easier to maintain and saves you time and money by keeping what you need where you need it and can find it. My criteria for being organized are:  

1. You can find what you need when you need it.  

2. You can keep track of important information.  

3. You can complete your tasks on time.  

4. You can arrive where you want to be when you want to be there.

And, most important of all:  

5. You can focus on what is important to you and your life.


Notice there's nothing in there about being perfect! If your home enables you to do those things in a reasonably easy way, then it's an organized place. You don't need expensive containers and fancy organizing systems to accomplish that. Some toys scattered over the floor, open books on the coffee table, a pile of dirty clothes on the washing machine, just mean that LIFE is happening in your home. It's when the stuff gets in the way and causes stress that disorganization becomes an issue. If there is an absence of organizing systems, like having an assigned home for all of your possessions, your home then keeps you from being able to focus on what is important to you and your life. Perfection isn't the issue. Function is the issue. Too many of us get hung up on making things look just right, and our organizing projects stall out or never even get started. I certainly understand that need for perfection - my husband and children joke that my label-maker will be buried with me when I leave this earth! But done is better than perfect. Just get started, and get things as far as you can so that your home functions better. It may not look pretty - those cardboard boxes with labels scrawled on the outside in magic marker may not be your final decorating destination. But if it makes it easier for you and your family to find what they need when they need it, it just may be good enough for now. I say it again: Done is better than perfect.


While it's fun to check out the latest catalog from The Container Store to see organized perfection, or read Martha Stewart's magazine and marvel at her immaculate surroundings, remember that real life doesn't look that way.  

Your home doesn't have to, either.  


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CLEAR Your Closet

Saturday, June 2, 2012

10 - 11 am

Learn Lisa's signature "CLEAR" system to clear the clutter, calm the chaos and get your closet organized in 5 easy steps!

You will:

  • Reduce "overstuffed closet frustration."
  • Learn how to streamline your wardrobe and make it accessible.
  • Find out how to set up your closet so that everything has a place and is easy to grab and put away.
  • Discover organizing systems for all the closets in your home so that you can maximize your storage space.

Center Ace Hardware 

156 County Rd.

Barrington, RI


This seminar is free, but registration is required due to limited space. To register, click here.



How to Free Yourself from Paper Clutter

     (formerly "Conquering Paper Clutter")

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

6:30 - 8:00 pm


Is the day-to-day influx of paper that comes into your home threatening to take over your living space and your life? In this workshop, you will learn strategies from that will help you organize that paper and gain control.

You will:

  • Learn how to establish a household information center that will keep important papers at your fingertips.
  • Find out how to manage incoming mail and other paperwork.
  • Discover what filing systems are available to help you retain and retrieve those important documents.
  • Be able to reclaim your kitchen countertop, dining room table, desktop, or any place that has become overwhelmed by paper clutter.

East Bay Chamber of Commerce

16 Cutler St.

Warren, RI


Workshop fee: $23

Advance registration is required. To register, click here.

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