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caution tape10 Ways to
Keep Clutter Out


November, 2011


This time of year begins the influx of all kinds of stuff into our homes, much of which never leaves and becomes part of our "clutter landscape". Last month, I wrote about setting your "clutter bar" high and keeping all that stuff out of your living spaces to begin with.  If it never comes in, it can't pile up! Read on for ten ways to keep clutter out of your home on a regular basis.


Paper Clutter

    1.  Reduce the amount of catalogs and other junk mail you

         receive by registering with the Direct Mail Marketing Association

         at Choose exactly which catalogs you'd like to

         receive at


    2.  Cut down on those credit card and other financial solicitations by

          registering with .


    3.  Put your recycling bin and shredder in your garage. Sort through your

         mail immediately upon arriving home, get rid of the junk, and only bring into

         your home what is really important. No garage? Put the bin and shredder

         right by the door you enter each night and sort right there, before you allow

         yourself to do anything else. Save time, and spring for a shredder that can

         handle 12 to 15 sheets at a time, so those credit card offers can go in without

         even being opened.


    4.  Opt out of receiving paper phone books altogether by going



Time Clutter

    5.  Cut down on telemarketing phone calls by registering your land line and cell

         number with


    6.  Reduce junk e-mail by immediately scrolling down to the bottom of

          the offending e-mail and hitting "unsubscribe" right away. While it may take a

          few extra seconds one time, you will save more time later (and mail box

          space) by not having dozens of emails to delete every time you open your e-

          mail account.


"Stuff We Can't Resist" Clutter

    7.  If you are a catalog-ordering junkie, cut down on both paper and the stuff you order            by tearing out the page of the item you think you can't live without (make sure

         the website or phone number is written on the page you save.) Recycle the

         rest of the catalog, and place the saved page in a file marked "To Order"

         with your household paperwork. If you order online, bookmark the page and save it            in a "To Order" folder on your bookmarks page. Make yourself wait at least a week            before you revisit your file. By then, that initial impulse may have passed and you

         may find you either don't need it, don't want it as much as you thought, or

         you may choose to save the money for something more important.


     8.  To keep the amount of stuff in your home from steadily growing, institute a

          "one in, one out" mantra. Every time something new comes in, something

           else must go out.


     9.  Following the "one in, one out" rule is easier if you establish a "Donation

          Station". Keep a large basket in a convenient spot and immediately place

          anything that is to be donated in it (make sure everyone in the family knows

          about it, too). When it's full, drop it off at your favorite local charity. For

          donation sites, check out or

          (Savers Stores).


     10.  Starting today, whenever you are shopping and have something in your

            hand that you just "can't live without", think twice before buying it and

            bringing it into your home. Ask yourself 3 questions:

Do I really need it?

Where will I put it?

What will it replace?


Keeping clutter from entering our homes to begin with saves money, time, and reduces stress. The less stuff you live with, the less you have to manage and the easier it is to find what you need when you need it. Resolve to begin today and make your living space more organized, more functional, and more peaceful!



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Lisa S. Griffith
Lisa S. Griffith

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