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Cool Closet Organizers  
May 2011

Now that you've done your spring closet cleaning and sorted and purged all of your wardrobe necessities, it's time to put it all back in assigned homes. Most of us can't afford a complete custom closet makeover system, so try some of these inexpensive products to utilize some of that unused space above and below the standard rod and top shelf:

  • Double your hanging space by handing a "rod doubler" from your existing rod for shorter items, like shirts and jackets.
  • Canvas hanging shelves are great for sweaters, shoes, and purses. They work particularly well in kids' closets. Assign a "shelf" for each category of kid's clothing: shirts, pants, underwear, socks. This makes dressing in the morning a snap, especially for kids who wear uniforms to school. You can also assign each shelf a day of the week - Monday through Friday, and put a complete outfit in each shelf. Do this on Sunday night for the whole week, and you've just saved scads of decision-making and searching time every morning that week!
  • Those over-the-door multi-pocketed shoe organizers work beautifully not only for shoes, but for scarves, socks, belts, underwear, or any other small item you have multiples of. Be sure to buy one with clear, vinyl pockets so you can see what's inside at a glance. By the way, these don't need to be hung over a door to be used. Hang one on a closet wall using two small cup hooks or nails instead.
  • If you have the shelf space, use clear shoe bins or sweater bins to corral shoes, purses, hats, or anything else you don't need to access every day. Using clear bins eliminates the extra step of having to open the lid to see what's inside. If you prefer opaque bins, label each bin clearly so you know what's there without looking. If you like to store your shoes in their original boxes (and you have the space), snap a photo of the shoes and glue it to the front of each box.
  • Use shelf dividers to keep piles of sweaters, etc. from toppling over when you take the one from the bottom out!
  • One of my favorite closet systems is the Elfa system from The Container Store. It comes in all configurations for all kinds of closets, even free-standing so you can create a closet where there is none. The website even has a great design-your-closet feature. More expensive than some systems, but less than custom-built, it's a great alternative.


There are organizing products galore for each and every item in your closet. However, until you know exactly how many of each item you need to store, or how much space you need for each category, don't give in to temptation and buy storage containers or organizing products until you've done your "sort and purge".  Also, don't forget to measure your spaces so those lovely baskets you went to all the time and money to purchase won't be just a quarter of an inch too wide or tall for your shelves!


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Lisa S. Griffith
Lisa S. Griffith

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Spring Seminar Series:

"Get Rid of All That Clutter!"

East Bay Chamber of Commerce

16 Cutler St.

Warren, RI

For details and registration, go to:


Ladies' Night Out

Thursday, May 5th

6:00 -7:30 pm

In this enjoyable but informative workshop you and the girls will learn organizing strategies for your home. Lisa will have tried and true tips to help you manage everything from your kids' art work to finding the right spot for your keys, cell phone and all of those little things you need to lay your hands on before you run out of the door in the morning. She'll demonstrate some of her favorite organizing tools and products. Plus, we'll finish our time together by cleaning out and organizing those 500 lb. gorillas that hang off of our shoulders every day- our purses! Enjoy a good laugh and leave armed with the tools to manage the "stuff" in your life.


Organizing 101

Thursday, May 19th

12:00 - 1:30 pm  (Lunch & Learn - bring a bag lunch, beverages provided)

This workshop is an introduction to basic organizing strategies: What it means to be organized, why you would want to get organized, and how to start the organizing process. You will learn that being better organized will affect all aspects of your life, and you will be able to function more effectively. This is a terrific, all-purpose presentation that covers introductory organizing techniques from the ground up in a concise, easy-to-understand format suitable for both home and professional environments.


Conquering Paper Clutter

Thursday, June 2nd

12:00 - 1:30 pm  (Lunch & Learn - bring a bag lunch, beverages provided)

In this workshop participants will learn strategies for managing the day-to-day influx of paperwork that often threatens to take over our home spaces and lives. You will learn how to establish a household information center that organizes the various papers that come into your home. You will be able to reclaim your kitchen countertop, dining room table, or any place that catches the overflow. Never miss another deadline for a bill payment, a field trip permission slip, or a party RSVP. Put your hand immediately on that team game schedule, school calendar, or church directory. Get it all under control and keep it under control for you and your family.




"How to Get Yourself Organized"

Lisa presents to the Bristol Rotary Club

Wednesday, May 4th

12:15 pm  

Tweet's Family Restaurant

180 Mt. Hope Ave

 Bristol, RI 


"Organizing for Busy Families"

Lisa presents to Sowams School PTO

Tuesday, May 17th

7:00 - 8:30 pm

364 Sowams Rd.

Barrington, RI


"Ask the Organizer" Event

Workshops and general organizational consulting by Lisa and other members of NAPO-NE

(National Association of Professional Organizers - New England Chapter)

Saturday, May 21st

11 am - 2 pm


1 IKEA Way

Stoughton, MA


In order, in joy, 



Lisa S. Griffith
The Organized Way