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Kid-Friendly Play Spaces 
February 2011
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Now that the weather outside is frightful, your kid's playroom (or bedroom) becomes their indoor playground. Since they're spending most of their time indoors this month, make their play space more user-friendly and easier to maintain.

  • Forget those overloaded, deep toy boxes. They only invite kids to pull everything out and throw it all over the place just to get to the stuff on the bottom. Opt instead for open shelving and clear plastic bins so that kids can see what's inside without taking everything out first. (Check out this extra-deep shelving from IKEA that works well for storing plastic bins: great toy shelving.)
  • Sort toys into categories: Barbies, Matchbox cars, Legos, dress-up clothes, etc. Put each category of toy into its own bin and label the front, then line them up on open shelving.  (A unique, fun storage option for Legos is Box 4 Blox.)
  • For pre-readers, snap a picture of one of each category of toys and affix it to the front of each bin. Pictures can be laminated first, or you can just cover the entire picture with clear packing tape.
  • Large cars and trucks can be lined up on the shelves independently. A "parking space" can be delineated for each vehicle by striping sections off with colored masking tape.  You can even tape a picture of each vehicle on the front of the shelf for each designated parking place!
  • For puzzles whose pieces become a giant, scrambled mess on the floor, try this trick from my favorite kindergarten teacher: Assign each puzzle a number and write it on the back of the board with a sharpie marker. On the back of each individual piece belonging to that particular puzzle, write the same number. This may take a bit of time at first, but makes cleaning up and getting the pieces back together for each puzzle much easier. To save even more time, just dump each puzzle and its pieces into a two-gallon zip-top bag with its number marked on the front. Puzzles can then be stored standing on end in a plastic bin, making it easy just to "flip through" and choose!
  • Large zip-top bags also work well for those games whose boxes have become broken down, making it hard to keep all the pieces from falling out. Cut out the front of the game box and use clear packing tape to affix it to the front of a bag, (Ziploc XL bags work quite well for this purpose). Throw all the pieces, game board, and directions into the bag for a new, inexpensive, more secure container.
  • Arts & crafts supplies should be sorted into categories, as well (construction paper, markers, scissors, glue sticks, etc.) and put into labeled bins. These can be placed on higher shelves for limited, "parent-only" access for younger children.

With everything assigned a clearly designated "home", clean-up becomes so much easier! Even the youngest child can match a toy with its picture and get things into the right bin. At the end of each day, make clean-up time fun by setting a timer and racing to get everything back in its assigned bin before the "ding"!


Lisa S. Griffith
Lisa S. Griffith

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