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Free Press...

What is Free Press?  It depends on who you're asking.  Ask someone who lives in a country where you had better not tell the world about the negativity in that country or else you'll end up dead, and you'll see the difference.  The answer would be something like this, "Free Press is not necessary here.  Our citizens have the right to speak to their government at will.  We do not accept your definition of free press. Our citizens are happy here."  Something like that anyway.  And your limited response on their territory would be, "Okay."   That is, if you're smart. 
Something like this takes more than a simple brave reporter, or a handful of students to protest, or a couple of citizens willing to die for their right to speak freely.  Something like this takes a war.  It's sad, that government can get so corrupt that its citizens are smothered with silence for fear of death.  I ask you, if you lived somewhere and this was so, would you not want another country's help?  Would you not want another country to say, "Hey you big brut, stop dogging your people around, and holding them hostage under inhumane circumstances.  If you don't we're gonna come over there and whip yours."  If you wouldn't want that, then you must enjoy the punishment.  Wow!  Even as I write to you today, I'm glad that I can say what I want without serious government interference.   Although, I know there are still some limits to what we Americans can say as well. 
Let's see, if you were a parent, just when would you stop your child from speaking their mind to you, even if it was disrespectful.  Wouldn't you want to know how they feel?  A dictatorship would not want to know.  It's $5.00 allowance in this $20.00 minimum a day living world, no matter what.  Hmmmm.  Imagine living off of less than that even.  And dare you complain about it.  See that's what the people in those societies are going through.   You have to pretend to love your government, even if you wish to prepare a poisoned meal.   No one can rescue everyone in the world, that's God's job, and one day He will.  Meanwhile, what do we do?  Act as if we don't know, because it's not our business; become brave enough to try and rescue the country in need of help; or write about it in our homeland?
Isn't nice to be able to think this way, instead of shaking in your underpants at the thought of speaking out loud about a government issue.   That's free press...Enjoy!
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