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Donald Trumped by Obama...

Just when you thought Donald Trump was Cool McSmickety Cool, he goes and tries to disprove President Obama as a United States citizen.  Even his seriously ill hair can't take the focus off of his lack of respect for the President.  I'm disappointed.  I thought Donald Trump liked all of the American people.  Now it appears, he only likes some of them.  What's more disturbing to me is, how does anyone think that Obama pulled off a fake birth certificate to become President of the United States of America.   Are the American people so gullible as to not know how to break into the hospital where Obama was born, and obtain the proof necessary to disprove his claim to be a citizen of the United States?  I think not!
The Donald was moving full steam ahead with his bullsh*t tactics, and Obama went and slapped him in the face with a full length birth certificate forcing The Donald to focus once more on his serious hair dilemma, to cut or not to cut.  As if that wasn't bad enough, The Donald is now being considered a bigot or something like that.....
Well, since we all bleed red ink, what's with the black and white bullsh*t?  I'll tell you what it is.  President Obama is looking too cool, too handsome, and gets too many panties thrown at him during his grace across a room.   Where as The Donald, only gets the gold digging, wanna screw your brains out so you'll give me all your money types, and he can't stand it.   The Donald was thinking, "Why doesn't President Obama get this type of attention from the women; they should wanna take his money too, not just sleep with him for the orgasmic thought of it?   What to do?!"  So that's how he decided to come up with this thing about President Obama being a non U.S. citizen born on foreign land.   Jealousy is a MoFo, ain't it!
Anyways, I hope The Donald redeems himself by polishing President Obama's shoes with praise, sighting poor advice from the Executive Board as the reason for his attack on the President's citizenship.  Then he can totally take in how it feels to be Trumped by Obama.
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