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Your 21 Year Old Kid......

Some of you are going, "If  your kid is 21 years old, then he/she is not a kid."  You're absolutely right!  This isn't about age.   This is about the village raising a child.  This is about mankind.  Each one, teach one.  And leaning on each other.  Patooey!  That's what it seems people feel about children who are blessed with money and fame.  Patooey on them if they've got problems, and they make bad decisions.  That's what they get for having all that money.   Some of us never put that shoe on the other foot.   What if you had tons of money, and you were having problems with your kids?  Would you want someone to honestly say, patooey about that?  On the other hand, you don't have to time to care about it either.
I totally understand.  All I'm asking is that we take a moment to understand what creates the troubled souls in our society.  Guess what it's not the thin air.   It's us.  It's how we treat each other everyday.   Of course, abuse at home is a main source of it, but the rest is good old everyday people.  It's hard to be reasonable when people's 21 year olds are out there reaping havoc.  But just stop for a moment, and ask yourself, if there is anything you could have done to help it not be so.  You don't have to.  You're under no obligation.   Just remember we can always fit another person's shoes whether we want to or not.   In the world of shoes, ownership has nothing to do with it, just size, much like the problems of the world.  Problems can attached themselves to anyone.
Think of all the child actors who are now adults.  All that money, and no brains.  What happened?   I don't know.  I just know that the Lindsay Lohans, and the Brittany Spears of the world are human beings too.  Yeah, we keep people talking about them with the negative gossip, and we claim it helps their careers.  And maybe it does, but it helps sell papers, and boost ratings.  And truthfully some of it is really just plain mean.  But much like the abusers we are, we just keep on going at the expense of other people's feelings.  And boy oh boy, do we feel good about it.  We've punished someone for having a life better than ours.   Imagine if someone was doing that to your kid.
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