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Dave Chappelle vs. $50 Million Dollars....
I never talk about it, but I love Dave Chappelle.  What an interesting guy?  Both his parents are professors, and yet he has such a strange street aura topped with mounds of intelligence.  His uniqueness is undeniable.  You just want to latch onto his humor and hold on tight for the many more laughs to come.   Having said that, what about the $50 Million Dollars that he walked away from?   How dare a black man, walk away from $50 Million Dollars and live to talk about it. 
Funny, that's what all the haters were probalbly asking.  If you are genuinely concerned about an individual, you should know that a person doesn't walk away from that much money without a seriously impending matter needing to be resolved.  He even had to battle all the people who allegedly knew and still know what he thinks and who he is better than he does.  And guess what, if Dave wanted to do comedy again, what fan of his wouldn't stand in line, and what network in their right mind, wouldn't take him on?   So essentially, he's walked away from nothing that he can't achieve again.  Now, see if you can find the power in that?   And what gets people's goat even more is that it wasn't about power for him.  It was about sanity and calm and acceptance of one's own actions, and how they affect the rest of the world.  I wonder how many people going to church this Easter Sunday would be able to say they would have walked away from $50 Million Dollars and really mean it and would have actually done it.  All This, from a comedian. 
Dave's comedy is entertaining.  He takes the time to see and hear racism in its many forms, as well as take the dirty laundry of any community and air it nice and clean in front of the world.  And it's so damn funny and true, you'd be a fool not to laugh at your own ignorance.  I don't know about you, but that's amazing to me.  That's hot to me.  However, there's a fine line between laughing with someone and laughing at someone.   Some people are so caught up in their own little worlds, that they never know that their friends are laughing at and not with them.   I call that socially inept.  And I'm not saying I would have did what he has done.
The way I see it is, Dave Chappelle got attacked by $50 Million Dollars and he came out swinging, and won the fight.   He's still funny as hell.   He's still got his family, and he can still look himself in the mirror and say, "Hey, I may be a comedian, but I'm Dave Chappelle first."   And that's winning in my book all day long.
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