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Finding the Truth...

Okay, so you've dealt in little white lies all your life.  You've said things like, "I really like your hair," when you actually thought they looked like a bird with that style.   You've said, "You don't have to pay me back," when you didn't want to loan the money to them in the first place.   You say things are complete when they are three quarters of the way done.   Does any of this sound like you?  Tsssst.  You're a little white liar!  This requires some investigating.


So, that means, if you could tell a lie and get away with it, you absolutely would.   And that's really putting the nail in the coffin, based on speculation.  However, I see a lot of ground work laid.  When I would be nice to people, male or female, it was always said especially about the males, that I liked them.   And no matter what I said about me just being a nice person, the rumor mill went on.   It was mind boggling, but I kept being my nice self, only displaying my "I hate you're guts, and I'll kick your ass if you don't get out of my face" self whenever necessary.  People thought it out of character when I would get this angry, so I kept my lack of control moments to a minimum.  But then, something strange happened.   I observed how people take character and actions perceived to be true, as truth.   And when I saw this I was amazed.   Basically, a little white liar armed with motive, could conjure up anything they wanted about someone and based on their characteristics float it around as truth. 


In our society, if the shoe fits you wear it, no matter if it's yours or not.  That's because so few of us, want the truth.   The juicier the story, the more we put the emphasis on believing it, versus find the truth.  And then we search for justification of our actions.   Any lie is a forgery of truth.  Sometimes we lie not to hurt someone's feelings.  Later, we wonder, perhaps if I had told the truth, they'd be in a better position right now.  What's the point?


The point is, lying takes your character to another level.  It begins to build cowardess, and ill motive duress towards others.  You lie because you're afraid of the truth.  Just like Jack Nicolson said in his famous movie line, "You can't handle the truth!"  Only he was the one lying.....

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