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How Important Is Sex To You?
How important is sex to you?  Did you wake up this morning needing it?  Did you go to bed needing it last night?  Is a partner readily available for this purpose, as in you're married?  At least, that's the way it's supposed to be when you're married.  That's one of the greatest things about marriage, I said one of the greatest things, you get to make love to someone on a constant basis that you love, honor and cherish for always.   There's no, or it shouldn't be, any empty sex.  These are situations where it's just sex between you and another person.  Of course, all of this is in theory, and based on an individual's beliefs.
There is a survey going on on my website, DMWBooks.com called What You Believe.  In this survey, people are asked to weigh the importance of sex in a marriage.  Check it out to see what weight people are giving to sex in marriage these days.  Meanwhile, I can tell you, personally, I think a sexless marriage, might be a little lonely.  However, what if someone were incapable of having sex and was still married?  Obviously, they are finding other things and other ways to stimulate and bond with each other.  The stereotype is, that's weird.   A physical and/or spiritual bonding through physical and emotional intimacy is indeed a great thing.  It's so great that we get a little confused sometimes.  Is it just sex, or is it love? This questions haunts us all the time when we're dating, and sometimes when we're married; and we feel things are falling apart.   Compare dating sex, and marriage falling apart sex with a sex filled or sexless marriage, and one can imagine why someone would think it's weird not to have sex in a marriage.  It's too incredible to be ignored.
I think getting sexually aroused and/or satisfied is as important as feeling and receiving love, but that's the weight I put on it.  Some people put so much weight on it, they become sex addicts.  What I used to call a nymphomaniac for females is now being called a sex addict all around.  I'm hearing this thing is driven by loneliness.  Wow, who knew you could be married and still be lonely?  Who knew you could be dating and still be lonely?  This sex addict thing shows up every where.  What happens if you ask a sex addict, "How important is sex to you?"   Their answer, no doubt, would put a whole new spin on the thought of sex and its purpose.
So, how important is sex to you?  I'd say, always keep it at the top of the list of Things To Do.
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