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Facebook Dichotomy....

Don't you love Facebook?  If you don't, something could be wrong with you.  Are you not socially apt?  With the world of information technology taking over, if you're not apt, you'd better get apt.   Anyways, Facebook is a social networking site, and business promoting enterprise.  In order to socialize, don't you need to be in person for maximum effect?  Well, the world according to Facebook says no.   I love that people can got to a centralize spot and find really old (old as in the last time you saw them, you were pregnant, married and happy/now divorced, empty nest and happy), acquaintances or really good friends. That's exciting!  I've found a lot of people this way.  Facebook is so powerful that businesses even get to virtually network with you!
Point is, it's strange how socializing used to mean, and it probably still does, going to parties, joining bridge clubs, etc., Now we're a virtual world of socialization from our computers.  We really have arrived at the world where Skype and other virtually real connections are REAL.  It's like we're walking into the world of Star Trek and all those other crazy SYFY adventures where the impossible becomes possible.  You don't have to guess who's up at 3:30 a.m., because you can't get to sleep, and you need to vent.  You can just check Facebook and see.  Betcha a brand new lap top someone will be on there fiddling around.   Years ago, that would have been too much like minding other people's business, you know, knowing when there up at night.  But there's no shame, no one else will know about the late night conversions, except you all nighters.  Communication standards have definitely changed. 
The facebook dichotomy is socializing evolved from being an in person meet and greet standard to a virtual world of constant and immediate contact, while maintaining in person activity values, enabling you to still be socially apt via computer, which totally changes the point of socializing.  The killing thing is, it works!  Now, you're socially inept if you're not on Facebook.  I don't know about you, but I'm thanking God for dominion over the earth, and looking forward to 1 hour commutes changing to 5 minutes.
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