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Chris Brown - Double Standards...
You're late if you don't know about the Chris Brown, Rihanna situation, where a fight between them produced Chris as the winner, and a restraining order had to keep them apart.   Now, let me ask you this, do you have children?  Specifically, do you have a son?  What if this was your son?  Do you think you'd want his career to be over, because of a mistake he made?  Haven't we all made mistakes that we certainly, absolutely, regret?  Chris, definitely has an anger problem.  He's proven that once again.  Immature and foolishly, he got upset again over a situation where his lack of control led him to desperate circumstances and has once again possibly caused the same results, illegal consequences.  Don't get Chris angry, he might throw a chair and break a window and cause glass to pour down onto the street.  It's horrible!  Chris has definitely got to get his temper under control.  No matter where he goes, or any of us for that matter, people will bring up things that make us uncomfortable.  Got to move on.  Got to let it go.  You can't be everyone's puppet, acting accordingly to the right commands.
Here's the double standard.  People always, almost never, forget to mop the floor with other people's mistakes.   We carefully pick and choose which ones behavior we want to accept, and which ones we want to mock and punish for their choices.  We play God all the time, bring on the pain.  "Okay, that heifer over there said that July's hair was too blonde."  When just the other day, these same women might have said someone else's hair was too blonde.  But as human nature will allow, it's okay for them to have made that comment, but this person who said that July's hair was too blonde can't talk about anyone, unless they say so.  That's literally how ignorant people can be.  We punish one child all the time for everything they do, while another goes blemish free for close to the same offenses.  It's in our justice system, with White and Blacks committing the same crimes, and Whites get less time, or no time at all.  It's like a double standard wizard just shows up at any time and clicks her heels a couple of times and instantly, you can do no wrong, even if you're dead wrong.  
The recipient of double standards may feel blessed, but just think about it.  One day, we all will have to stand trial for our behavior.  Whether it's today or tomorrow doesn't matter.  That's God's double standard for us!
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