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The Weakest Link....

You know it's true.  Whenever you over estimate someone, they under deliver.  And when you under estimate someone, they over deliver.  Why is that?  It's because you never discount anyone.  That's God's way of making sure no one gets left out.   Sometimes people deliver as expected, and sometimes they really do out perform themselves.  Delivering beyond our expectations and making us feel proud of our choice.  Making us feel as though we can do anything, because we always make good choices.  What happened to God's way of making sure no one gets left out?  It's still there.  It's coming, just be ready to fix the problem.

You're expectations are always high, but people always deliver what you want.  What happens if people start to take you for granted, if they always expect you to find the proper source, or strength in a person to get the job done.  Are you feeling the pressure yet?  You've always got to deliver what's expected!  It's what's expected of you!   What happens if someone under delivers under you?  All those high expectations from you being able to choose the right person for the job?  Now, are you the weakest link on the chain?  You haven't delivered as expected, not once, but four times.  Your choice of individual has cut out before the finish line four times.  Why are you so weak?  Why are failing to deliver as expected?   Don't' you know how to do that thing you do any more?  Does it matter now, you've already let everyone down?  How can they be so unfair to you?   Guess what, it's not you, it's their expectations of you.  They almost want you to be responsible to getting the job done that's been assigned to the person you've picked.   The expectation should be that, they needed someone smart, dependable and hard working for a particular job, and you provided that.  So you have delivered what should have been the only requirement ,an alleged strong resource. 
But now your job is at stake!  Everyone, that is top management and certain other staff, is willing to title you the weakest link, because of the employees you hired.  Hey, are they right?  Are you the weakest link, because you weren't able to weed out the bad apple?  Your marching orders say, "failure to deliver quality candidates."  Some how, you're shook about the whole thing.  How can they hold you accountable for someone else's actions?  Our expectations are a good place to start searching for the human factor.  The weakest link is always the person willing and able to sacrifice others without facts, they'll use gossip, and hearsay to estimate your self-worth, they'll never take the time to properly evaluate the situation.  And they're quick to judge!  How about it?  Are you the weakest link?
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