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Chasing Japan...
Some people haven't batted their eyelashes at Japan.  Now that a tsunami and earthquake has flattened the island, everyone's chasing Japan.  People wanna talk about their problems and acknowledge their pain.  People are making donations to rebuild their land.  That's what we want!  At the same time, Japan's devastation should be teaching us a lesson.  We are beginning to look at the world's weather woes for what they are, a sign of the end of days.  This is what a lot of people believe.  Ask yourself, if it is the end of days, like I've been saying all along, where are you going?  Where are you gonna hide?  Each one of us will stand trial for our bad behavior.  Or as they say we will meet the maker. 
I don't know it's like saying all of Japan's devastation is coming our way.  And if it is, don't you want to be ready.  Question is, can you be ready?  I don't think anyone can prepare themselves for the pain and heartache that Japan has experienced.  I don't think if it's the end of days, that there's some place to hide.  I just know that only the righteous will survive.  Is anyone feeling righteous enough to survive the end of days?  Feeling like they've done enough to impress God not to take their life or to recreate their life in a new world?  Many would say, "Yes."  And if God took your life anyway, does that mean you weren't soldiering for Him?  If it's the end of days, and if it's not, I think we're getting closer to something that may look a lot like it, where will we go?  Do you really think we'll live like the movie 2012, where end of days occurs, and people survive it by being rich and few others by lottery cause they get to shelter in a big indestructible ship?  Really? 
On the other hand, are we supposed to see every day forward with devastation and despair?  Are we supposed to tell ourselves, there's no future for our children, the world will be destroyed?  It's all so religious, and so based on what you believe.  I believe that much like the previous worlds were destroyed, if God so wishes to destroy this one and start over, ain't no Cutie pie, or rich mogul gonna outrun God.   I'm not too sure that any man made safe haven will shelter us from the havoc either.  We've had our indestructibles, proven time and time again to be destructible when put against nature. 
I say, while we're chasing Japan, that we pray for them, send money to help them, and open our eyes to being a better, stronger society by embracing all the talent that exists.  All the talent, in every flavor of life.  It will take everyone, all of us, the whole bundle of mankind to change God's mind to save us.  Let's put our intelligence and our hearts on the same page.  Let's save ourselves by waking up to the reality that Japan has presented to us.  Based on our crazy weather alone, there shoes could fit our feet any day now.....
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