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My Cousin, Charlie Sheen.....

Okay, so Charlie Sheen is not my cousin, but I wanna own his life like everyone else does.  I want to think that his private business is mine to consider.  I felt if he was my cousin, it would make my concerns more legitimate.  I absolutely love Charlie Sheen.  Did you see him in the movie The Arrival?  It's a scifi about aliens centered in Mexico, but silently changing to human form and taking high positions including President of the United States of America with an overall goal to take over the world.  It's not recent, but neither is Charlie's behavior.  He dares to live himself out loud and people can't handle it.  That's his mantra.  I hope you don't think it's a secret that he's a crazy, absolutely crazy freaky kinda guy.  Who didn't know this before Two and A Half Men?  I'm just sick and tired of people trying the merge the image that one portrays for a living, as the who, what, when and why sustenance of an individual's soul.   For this reason, I would run from any wholesomeness.  Jesus Christ! I am only human, so is Charlie Sheen. 
Of course, my cousin Charlie, doesn't need my help.  This really isn't about him anyway.  This is about me sticking up for my favorite play cousin, cause I wouldn't want to be considered perfect, and then accidentally slap the sh*t out of someone, and dare be called a trouble maker.  I have a bad temper, it usually doesn't result to violence, just more like a barking dog, like a cute little, sweet little Chihuahua, with a bulldog presence.  And guess what I can only be tamed by a handsome bulldog that's bigger, stronger and badder than me.  So does that mean I can't write for a living?  Does that mean, I can't do any of the things that make me my own person?  Image is just what it is, an image.  It doesn't mean, reality.  It doesn't mean, perfect.  It doesn't mean, you have to be that person on screen and off screen.  What kinda voo doo expectation is that?  Last time, I checked Charlie's scruples were being evaluated by the God he believes in, or not.  Those who walk with God, please continue to do so.  I know, I will.  The great thing about it, is even God accepts us on our own terms.  He gears us up to get ready to be more like him.  Some of us will never get there, we'll never get to be like God in our human celebration of life.  Some of us will just have to continue to be ourselves until God puts it on us, like a bad habit stuck to a good person.
All I can say is Charlie if you're going to be this wild thing that you are and that I love, you still gotta show up for work clean and sober, so you're defense is always, "But I do my job!"  Meanwhile, I wish there were more Charlie's in the world, so people could come off of the "I'm perfect, every day" bullsh*t lie.  So there, my cousin Charlie and I would like to thank you to mind your own damn business!  Or please just quietly love us from a distance....
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