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By Show of Hands....

By show of hands, how many people will admit they are bi-sexual?  By show of hands, how many people will talk about their failing marriage?  By show of hands, what's your magic number, not your sleep bed number, it's your number of lovers bedded?  Yes, I know.  Who's business is it?  Truthfully, no one's but your own.  The real question is, by show of hands, how many of us are addicted to gossip, blasphemy, or whatever you want to call it?
When you hear it, it tingles your spine.  Oooooh, juicy details about someone you despise or want to be like.   It's like putting a $100 bill in front of a poor person when they're hungry telling them not to use it or they'll be locked up.  The drama unfolds, will they take the money and risk jail, or will they starve and stare?  That's some peoples craving for gossip.  I don't know.  It seems we've become more obsessed with other peoples' lives than our own.   We want to know who's dating who and why?   All the while, acting like it's our business, our right to know.   And certainly it is not!
Dare we be obsessed to know why our children won't tell us about the things going on in their lives.  Dare we be obsessed with remembering important dates in our own lives.  Dare we be obsessed about our own taxes.  You know!  Is there a way for people to understand that other folks business AIN'T their business?  Unless there's a gossip partnership, where each party promises to know more about the other in one conversation than either of them ever did before.  Then I could understand a gossip contract.  It would be extremely legitimate at this point.
Does it matter?  Gossip will never, ever go away.  You'll spend your time wondering why people are all up in yours, business that is, or you'll mosey on along and let them be content with staking their claim to know all about you and the things you do, better than you could ever know yourself.   Smile, be happy and gossip on, or not.  For me, I love to hear about things in other people's lives, particularly renown individuals, but I don't judge, I don't repeat negative things or wish pain on anyone.  It's too much for me to handle.  So I'm guilty of listening to gossip and reading gossip.  I can't honestly say that I've said things about anyone that weren't true. So then if it's true, does that make it any less, not gossip.  If you ask someone to define gossip, I bet each person would give a definition that lets them off the hook.  By show of hands, how many of us would admit to that?
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