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As A Spectator....

What if someone was idly standing by watching you make a spectacle of yourself? How would you feel?  What if you knew they just wanted to have something to report to someone that they think you care about?  Would you keep behaving the same way no matter what?
If you loved someone and people thought this person was a waste of time, people like your family and friends, would you continue to see them?  Love and cherish them?  If you fell down, but got back up again, would it, should it, go unnoticed?  As a spectator, you can sit back relax and judge.  You can say whether or not, you feel someone is meeting an expectation.  You can watch someone else's life like a movie, critique it, and expect praise afterwards. And it will be delivered, even appreciated.  How much more spectacle does one need?
I know you've had people poking their fingers in your business.  Trying to tell you how to live your life.  Trying to make sure you get crucified for every little thing you do, that's in their eyes as "wrong."  Why do we give these people so much credit?  Why do we stand back, and wait for them to throw the dart at our asses, so that we immediately jump at the sound of their voice, as if they are God, and rightfully condemning us?
If you ask me, the more self-righteous a person is, the more they feel the right to judge others.  I tell you when you decide to bow down and pray at their feet for praise and approval, that's when you've conflicted yourself with God.  Just ask yourself, do you sit back and wait for the spectators to approve you.  How many of us will admit that we do?  You ask those other soccer moms, what they think.  You ask the bridge club, what they think.  You ask the neighborhood watch, what they think.  You ask your co-workers, what they think.  And then finally, you act expectantly.  
Hey, all I'm saying is, you're waiting for the wrong approvals.  If you can say yes to this, then "woah."  You ask your friends, if you should have sex with someone.  That's where I'm going with this.  If you're on this page, then you're probably a walking robot.  Now, stand still, I'm gonna tell you what to do!
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