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The Bullsh*t Factor....

Do you readily recognize bullsh*t? It's really not that hard.  Like when someone tries to tell you something about someone you know or love.  You feel you know that person way too well to believe the bull crap they're saying about them.  The only problem is sometimes we're right, and sometimes we're wrong about that person we think we know so well.   It poses the question, "Can you really know someone?"  When you hang around someone from day to day, you get to know their idiosyncrasies.  You encounter things that let you know when you've gotten on their nerves, or they're seemingly happen, etc.  But would you really know if you were sleeping with the enemy, so to speak? Many of us think that we would. 

I'm sure I don't have to tell you what it is to be seduced by someone who knows all the right things to say to get you to put those guards down.  And if you're guards are up, should they ever come down.  In my opinion, no, under no circumstances should you put your guards down.  You can stand at ease, but hold your position.  Okay that's too intense.  Who's expecting their spouse, relative, child or best friend to be someone other than who they say they are?  Right, no one.  That's amazing!  Some of you may have watched, "Who the Bleep Did I marry?"  These perps are the ultimate bullsh*ters.  It's easier to lead someone into what you want them to believe, when they want to believe what you're saying.  They prey on your sense of good character.  Deception is not a trick bag.  It's something that people use to get what they want. 

Why am I telling you this?  Because, it's obvious.  And if you've been jolted with bullsh*t recently, I'm on your side.  I asked myself, "Self, how do you know when someone is bullsh*ting you?"   And the answer to the question was, you won't, until the sh*t hits the fan.  Meaning you won't know until the truth comes out.  Until you find out that guy
is polygamist, or she doesn't really love you, etc.  It's sad, disgusting and tiring to know that someway, somehow, we're all susceptible to bullsh*t based on our own interpretations of what we suffice as proof of proof, and our desires to get what we want.

It hurts me, too. It makes trust a game of ricochet that you're forced to play every day, no matter how you feel.  You learn quickly to trust in God, while investing in common sense theater.
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