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How far do you think you'd have to travel to find human nature has disappeared?  When we come across undiscovered tribes in the Amazon, do you think they are without human emotions?  There is a major assumption that if you are not well travelled, that you can be small minded.  In my opinion, a small minded person is a person who is incapable of seeing the big picture, whatever it is.  The only difference in people is their culture, you know, the foods they eat, the clothes they wear, how they court each other, their religion, their past times, political focus, economic and health situations, etc.  You'll never escape love, hate, envy, sloth, wrath, greed, pride, gluttony and lust.  Even if its on the down low, or in other words, very discreet, you'll never escape it.
So is small mindedness the inability to see beyond self?  I think it is. Human nature is fun, evil, ridiculous and violent.   The most important thing is that people realize anyone can possess these emotions.  Any particular event that rouses us, can rouse them.   I know you may have listened to a song before and felt the joy or pain that came from the melodies and the words and the power of the voice behind the tune.  I'm sure you may have watched a movie, a tear jerker, a horror movie, a thriller, whatever have you, and felt the passion of the writer to interject the emotions they sought to stir inside us.  If you view it like this, life is like a movie.  Every where you go, there's a different scene, a different story, with different actors in different cultures, etc.   Are you watching yourself?  Is your movie boring? Or is it well rounded, as they say?  Just know that you can tie any action or event any where in the world to any human emotion.
Thank God all of our movies aren't the same.  We can catch Wild Ride Harry at the bar, Good Time Suzy at the club, Mary Good Will at Church, and Dashing Prince Hoodwinker on the corner.  It's all good, as long as we finally accept you don't have travel far to be well rounded.  You just have to keep writing a new script with a new vision in sight which includes more than your own focus.
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