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Oprah's Half Sister...

"Just in case you didn't know.  It's me.  I'm Oprah's half sister."  I bet you've been hearing that a lot here lately.  Who wouldn't want to be Oprah's half sister?  More importantly, who wouldn't want to be Oprah?  What I find fascinating about Oprah, and the many other billionaires on the earth is that they come from many different backgrounds and many different beginnings.  Yet, we all continue to bite down on our own image and beliefs as to what they're made of.  I can tell you this for sure, they're made of smarts, determination and good old common sense.  But it's the other stuff that we don't know about, their testimonials to surviving the throws of life.  They don't always tell you every little thing.  Like, I used to eat dirt when I was a kid, or I cleaned a pig farm, or something even worse.  You don't want to believe them.  They're far too rich and perfect to have survived things like this, or to have not had enough intellect to not eat something like dirt.  And this is our confirmation, and we walk away knowing that someone is trying to make them look even better than they already do.

In Oprah's case, I grew up hoping and praying to be anything near to Oprah's success.  Yes, I admit she inspired me, and she still does.  I was watching her OWN channel and I was impressed.  Maya Angelou was on Oprah's Master Class speaking about her life and all of her accomplishments and failures and on and on.   She gave good advice for living life.  And
every time she honed on a point that was a smidgen close to the advice I'd given someone or my own children, I rejoiced.  I thanked God for letting me believe I was in the company of such esteemed people.  Of course, some of us are hoping for a day to have a tenth of what Oprah has achieved.  I know it would make my life easier.  How about yours?

Nevertheless, she wants to entertain us and at the same time inspire us to be better people all over the world.  Now that's bone chilling!  Most people just want what's theirs and then they wanna go home.  They don't care about anything or anyone but themselves.  Most, not all. You say to yourself, "Really in this day and age of suicide bombings and ploys in the homeland to take everything someone's got and pretend innocence, someone wants to encourage us to be better people."   Yes, Oprah does!  I'm praising her today, because like I said, "I'm her half sister."  Now, let's see where that gets me...

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