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Enabling the Enabler....

Okay, which one are you? And why?  Enablers are out there every where, they give you permission to be an asshole, permission to cheat at whatever it is you're going to cheat at, permission to not need permission, and on and on.  Here's how it usually goes, "Hey, you know what, I am sick and tired of blah, blah, blah and I'm going to do blah, blah, blah and no one's gonna stop me."  If you reply, "No, don't do that," and they reply back, "Why not?" You're that person's enabler.  What?!

Yeap! That's right.  This person is seeking your approval to do something that is probably going to be considered unacceptable behavior.  And they're asking you to help them talk themselves into it.  Of course, they may do it, no matter what you say.  Even still, they want you to stop them.  Why else tell you about their unstoppable plans?  You might be asking yourself, how did I become someone's enabler?   It's magical.  It just happens.  We are all someone's enabler in some way or another.  If you call someone up, and ask them how to do something wrong and they tell you how to do it.  Indirectly, they are encouraging you to do it.   And those without any scruples are going, "And! I don't need your permission to enable someone.  If I want to enable someone, I'll enable them."  That's what's going on. 

Who's the strongest here?  The enabler or its seeker?  The Enabling Game has gone on for a long, long time.  The players range from priest to vagabonds, the stupid to the genius.   It's almost like a science project, the curiosity of the results from a situation enacted by someone we know, reaping havoc in the most entertaining way.  If you're the one whose always getting those phone calls, "Did such a such person call and ask you if he/she should go to New York, while on probation?  You told 'em to do it!  Why?  Why would you do that?"  You're thinking he/she has a mind of their own, I'm not controlling them.  Good Lord!

Just know, when you seek approval or recommendations for things you want to do, that may or may not be too kosher, you are looking for an enabler.   Ask yourself right now, who's my enabler and why? 

Don't feel like you have an enabler?  Feel like you're doing the enabling. If you're enabling, it's because you may be afraid to drive your own ride, or maybe you don't like to crash and burn alone.  So you take pleasure in enabling others to crash and burn with you.  Still playing that game, whether we want to or not.  For more positive results, find an A+ Morals Enabler.

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