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Outrunning the Apocalypse...

Okay, so, can you do it?  Can you outrun the apocalypse like they did in the movie 2012? Can we really build super ships to protect us from the earth's reconstruction designed by God?  Hmmm...I wonder.  But wouldn't that defeat God's purpose of saving only the righteous.  In this sci-fi movie, it's all science with a little bit of God's fury.  They discussed the lottery method.  Then they revealed the richest and most important people to society are the ones who actually got to board the super ship.  Where God's fury comes in, is when they decide to let the thousands of people aboard the roomy super ship so that all aboard can go forward with clean hearts.  Isn't that sweet?

Anyways, all of this destruction is due to our lack of morality and acknowledgment of our Lord.  And God gets so sick and tired of it, he destroys the world.  So if you take a scientific approach to it, you'd say it was going to happen, because it's time for it to happen again.  If you take the religious approach to it, you'd say there's way too much evil in this world, take a look around you.  Many people still don't observe Dr. Martin Luther King Day, and all he did was try to bring harmony to the races.  Now, what's wrong with that?  Despite all the apocalyptic weather, and other events with the birds falling out of the sky, the fish turning up (literally turning up) in the water, animals behaving strangely, if you take a moment, I'm sure you could come up with several hundred more events to legitimize the weirdness that's been going on as something supernatural.

Truth be told, it all comes together, the apocalyptic weather and events along with holy scripture that I've read. It's really about what you believe. Do you believe in God? Or do you believe in science?  No matter what you believe, outrunning such an event will be an act of God, a miracle in itself.  Because just like the Titanic was believed to be indestructible, those darn super ships are obviously built on the same arrogance of mankind.   So what do you do?  Do you sit there and wait for the earth to swallow you up?  Nope!  You had better run and pray, and hope that you are righteous enough in God's eyes that he'll endorse you to the next level.

I might be cynical about this, but I'm serious about it as well.  The way I see it, is the only way we're gonna survive, is if God wants us to.  We've witnessed miracles somewhere, sometime in our lives, and if you haven't, you will witness a miracle to see people come through the apocalypse.  The ones we thought were damned, standing tall, possibly watching us fall.  One thing's for sure, if outrunning the apocalypse is based on character, and I believe it is, folks had better shape up, in order to ship out.

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