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Without Sex....

If someone says, "I haven't had sex in over 10 years."  Most people would pause, and take a real good look at the person to determine exactly why.  If there are no physical flaws present, you'd get a little closer to see if they have body or oral hygiene problems.  And if that's not present, most people would be going in their heads, "Well, why the hell not?!"  So what was really a five second pause, feels like a ten minute glare, and the speaker continues.  "I just can't find anybody worth committing this carnal sin.  Because that's what it is, etc...."  On and on about their beliefs.  And everyone in the world is thinking, it's impossible!  And you begin to wonder that he must be doing something for physical pleasure.  You begin to attach to him, whatever you think he might be doing.  That becomes the street version of events for those who don't believe in God, or understand or appreciate virtue. 


Now, the thing is, if you think about it, how many times will you lay down with another person before you're married?  It could get out of hand, couldn't it?  Let's say you have a fling every three months.  That's four people a year.  After five years, that's 20 people.  After 10 years, that's 40 people.  So depending on when you get married, you could have slept with over 60 people.  For a woman, should it matter to her that her man has been around the block a whole lotta times.  For a man, should it matter that his girl has unintentionally, lost track of her rendezvous, and has possible slept with just as many men.  When does it stop?  Where do you draw the line?


Of course, there's self pleasure.  Many people find this just as sinful (check your beliefs), or even humiliating in some cases.  While others find it very empowering to be in control of pleasuring themselves.  To each his own.  I'm just saying, after many a disappointing ventures with another, at some point you've got to be asking yourself, "Gosh, how many more?"  If you're not concerned about it, I guess that's okay to, by your book.  I can see it coming to the point of halt.  I can see putting a hold on it, and waiting for someone whose intent, is not just to explore your body and the many ways to please it.  They're acting as if there's no soul inside, or like someone who wants friends with benefits to be an on-going, as in never ending arrangement.  Even the emotions get all topsy, turvy in these situations. 


Finally, without sex, becomes attractive.  It begins to make you feel like, I'd rather wait a while before I add one more number to my list of has beens.  You smile, and pray, "Dear God, don't let it be 10 years.  I think I can do a year!"


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