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Introducing The Pros and The Cons.....
As soon as you hear someone say, "Well, let me tell you the pros and the cons.." you brace yourself.  It's like you're in suspended animation until the full report is delivered.  Like in those medicine commercials, where they don't announce they're telling you the pros and the cons, but they are. "Try Feel Right All Day, a prescription drug that will make you just high enough to ignore any consequences of taking this medicine, such as, impaired thinking, blindness, crippling nausea and the development of fungal infections.  Consult your physician, but really just go and tell them you want to try it, cause most people have tried it and have only suffered one or more of these systems at a time."  I must tell you, after anyone of these mini infomercials, I'm usually baffled.  It's like okay what now? What just happened?  Why do I feel like I'm buzzing around the twilight zone?  You're literally stuck between staying ill or going for the cure that could kill or spill your guts all over the floor, and you'll live as long as someone picks them up and puts them back in before the medicine has completely left your system.
The pros and the cons, they're always different, sometimes comical, and other times damning.  Ever think of the pros and cons of a relationship.  The pros are you really like that person, the sex is great, they treat you well and they have great hygiene.  The cons are the kind and promising words appear to be for only the moments you're together, they have got five kids, and no car.   What to do?  See how the highs are just as equal as the lows in this situation.  Pray, tell the power of reason to help you analyze your feelings into a healthy solution.  Maybe you listen to people talking about owning your own business.  They say, it's wonderful, you make your own hours, you're your own boss, you choose your employees, and there's a raise for you anytime you want it.  The cons are, if you're not driven hard on achievement, you're wasting your time, because you have to make the sales.  You have to fish for the big ones, you don't sit back and do one task and expect scheduled, guaranteed rewards.  You need to be a good manager and record keeper as well.   Once you hear all that, you start examining your credentials and a cloud starts to form over your head like the foggy message you just heard.
No matter what you do, the pros and the cons are like God and the devil.  You can rob that bank, but you might have to go to jail.  You can have unprotected, fornicated sex, but you might catch a disease and go to hell if you die.  Good lord!  We usually look for pros and cons that teeter totter around a lotta gain with a little pain, in order to win points for the pros.  Sometimes, we don't even realize that everything we do has pros and cons, even in win, win situations.  Such as purchasing your favorite drink, all good, right?  Wrong!  Because you can't have just one.  Even if you have just one, how come you don't share?  A little selfish, don't you think.  And if you share, won't that person begin to expect something from you, now that they have had a taste of your generosity.   Okay.  You get it!
Here's the final score, the pros, get everything, and the cons, well, they're just what you think you deserve...
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