Bitch Squad
 The Scene...inside 
                    Bitch Squad
You're at the cusp of unintentionally ruining your famous lover's career with your pregnancy and concern for his campaign.  Your credibility is at stake.  You're ordered to "strip convincingly" so that you may show due diligence as a non-threat to his supporters.  Your life has been threatened, you're tired and confused.  Your performance is key to living another day.   You feel the hairs on the back of your neck rise to the occasion.  What to do?

....."Go to the guest house, the chief investor and some companions are waiting for you.  Someone will hand you a note from Toby.   Do exactly what it says."  He whispers in my ear, "Love you baby."


I smiled and hurried on.


"Bye."  My eyes fluttered.


This is crazy, I thought.  Now, I'm obeying complete strangers.  When I stepped into the foyer of the guest house entrance, I could hear men's voices in the background.   Right there in the living room, was a strip pole, shining brand new, crisp and clean.  I was like where the hell did that come from.  I looked up and noticed a whole in the ceiling where the pole extended.  I just lowered my eyes into my champagne glass (which obviously I wasn't drinking). The French doors were open to the outside and the men were coming back inside.  The lights went low.  The men quieted their chatter.  I was standing in the foyer, someone came up from behind me, tapped me on the shoulder and handed me an envelope.  I used the dimmed track lighting to read it. 


"From Toby"


Then, all I saw was the back of this girl's head as she whizzed by me and into the living room of the guest house.   It was as if the men could see me, but I could only see their shadows.  The living room light was also dimmed.  Suddenly, the foyer was well lit.  I opened the envelope.  It was a card.   It said, "Strip, Convincingly!   T.."  I began this night with Max not knowing which role I wanted to play, the decision had been made for me.   


Then Tina Turner's "Rock me Baby" came through the speakers. I think that's what her and Ike called it.  I used to listen to it as a child when my mother would play it on the record player.


I let the words in..."Rock me baby.  Rock me all night long."  What choice did I have?  If I don't do it, I remembered what Max said...I dropped my head and began to feel the music.

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Bitch Squad
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