Race Tips - Performance Newsletter            

from Auto-Ware

July 2012 

Shop Tips -  File Cleaning


file-rodFiles (the ones in the shop, not on your computer) oftentimes get loaded with base material and will start to leave marks in your work and/or cut poorly, especially with softer materials like aluminum or cast iron.


So the challenge is to remove the gunk without dulling your file or ruining a screwdriver (don't laugh, I actually caught a student using a good 00 Philips).


What I like to use is a piece of 3/8" brass stock.  Just run it parallel to the teeth (as shown here) and it pushes the stuck chips out.  To do large areas does take a little time, but when you're done, the file will work much better.



Race Tips -  Volunteers Needed


Volunteers are needed for a performance improvement study. This is a true scientific study of race driver performance and will follow a strict protocol.


If you participate you must not let others know you are participating and not ask other drivers if they are participating. Studies such as this are prone to numerous effects such as Hawthorne, Halo, Jastrow's, Pygmalion and John Henry, just to name a few (told you, this is an honest scientific study).


To participate please email me John@auto-ware.com




Equation of the Month - MPH vs Speed


Where is that equation when you need it?  When thinking about gear changes we often think about what speed relates to what rpm.  Use this month's equation to quickly find your answer.


Speed = RPM x RO / (GR x RP x 1056)   RO is tire rollout or circumference, GR is the gear ratio, RP is the ring and pinion ratio.


But wait... it gets better yet!  Go to Auto-Ware Calculators  where you will find our free online calculators that do the math for you. Enjoy:) 


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John Block