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Nov - Dec 2011 

Race Tips -  Winter Time is Time for Shop Tips


dec 11This time of year pit tips are a bit out of place and shop tips more relevant. So here are a few tips that might make shop time a bit more enjoyable.


When drilling (or milling) steel, examine the color of the chips. Sharp tools with the proper speed and feed should produce a light tan colored chip just up from the cut point. No color, you are not working hard enough. If they turn blue at some distance after leaving the tool, that is usually okay. So, for better drill or mill life, keep an eye on the chip color.


Speaking of drilling, ever noticed that the base of your floor model drill press has holes in it? If you use those holes and bolt the machine to the floor, you will be surprised what a difference it makes when using the machine.


Always pull your wrenches rather than pushing; otherwise you will come to understand the expression "knuckle buster."


Final tip for this month: Save Toothbrushes. I must be a vigorous brusher because my toothbrush gets splayed out within two months and I need a new one. Rather than tossing all those brushes in the trash, save them. They are great for cleaning small parts or using with cutting oil.

News -  Legal Unfair Advantage.


Imagine a huge "Unfair Advantage" that was totally legal and likely one of the least expensive racing things you've ever done.


This isn't a dream, it's real! It is so real that a few people are talking about it and many others are silent because they don't want their advantage to disappear.


What could such an advantage be? It is the same advantage that has set one group of people ahead of others for all of human history and even sets man ahead of the other animals. It is knowledge!


So, you can race like an animal or use knowledge to get ahead. In racing you will, absolutely, gain more knowledge with data acquisition than anything else, period! However, it does take a little training to acquire this knowledge and that is where our Data Acquisition webinars can help you.


Racers that have completed the webinars are rejuvenated and excited with their new found advantage and moving to the front of the pack. You can join this group by clicking here and learning more!

Equation of the Month - Weight conversions
There have been some requests for "equivalent conversions." So, this month rather than an equation, I'm happy to bring you the following "weight conversions."


1 gal water = 8.3+/- lbs.

1 gal race gas = 5.9+/- lbs.

1 gal methanol = 6.6+/- lbs

1 cubic-in lead = 0.4+/- lbs.

1.5" 095 tubing = 1.4+/- lbs/ft.

1.75" 095 tubing = 1.7+/- lbs/ft

2.0" 095 tubing = 1.9+/- lbs/ft

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