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July 2011 

News -  Data Acq Tech Feature in SportsCar Magazine


In the August issue of SportsCar magazine (that just came out this week), yours truly wrote an article on the best practices of data acquisition.  You can find the story on page 36.


Yes, it is about data acquisition, but Don't Panic, it is really very easy and simple. This article covers tips and tricks on how to make data acquisition user friendly and more effective.


Your feedback would be appreciated.  Please let me know what you think of the article.


Go to SportsCar to see more info.

Race Tips -  Pre Spring Checker


springMost everyone is familiar with the concept of chasing gremlins in a race car.  Actually, there are no real gremlins, just maintenance issues that have eluded detection.


To prevent a handling gremlin, a simple piece of racer's tape should be wrapped around a spring coil.  Check it between every run.  If the spring has been coil bound at any time the adjacent coils will cut the tape.


If the tape is cut, a quick trip across the scales will confirm if the spring is damaged.  If scales are not available, quickly remove the spring and check the free height to the recorded free height.  Finally, don't forget to count the turns required to remove the spring so you can put it back exactly as it was prior to removing for checking.

Equation of the Month - Steering Wheel Pull

Does your steering wheel pull to one side of center when your car is heading straight?  Use this equation to identify how your setup impacts the pull in the steering wheel.  Hold on - it's a big one!

FtLbs of torque = (LFW*(LSR/12)*SIN(LC)*COS(SA))-(RFW*(RSR/12)*SIN(RC)*COS(SA))+(LFW*(LSR/12)*SIN(LKI)*SIN(SA))+(RFW*(RSR/12)*SIN(RKI)*SIN(SA)).  LFW is the LF weight, RFW is the RF weight, LSR is the left scrub radius in inches, RSR is the right scrub radius in inches, LC is left caster, RC is right caster, SA is rim heading angle from center (steering at wheel), LKI is left steering axis inclination, and RKI is right steering axis inclination. If the result is negative(-) then the pull is to the right; if it is positive then the pull is to the left.
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