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June 2011 

News -  Data Acq Classes


Several people have asked if I could do the webinars again. So, a new round of Data Webinars is starting June 27th for Pi - 28th for CDS - 29th for AiM.


These popular classes have made a lot of racers very happy.  Reports of lap time improvement by 1 and 2 seconds per lap are common for racers after completing the webinars.


Don't leave seconds on the race track! Sign up now. Click here for info and to sign up


Here is just a small sample of the comments from past attendees:


"I've taken John's class, as have several other FPR members. It is a great course. Good material, well expalined, lots of examples, no sales pitch/commercial."


"I can't believe how much I was missing regarding the capability of my data acquisition system."


"I strongly recommend John's classes. They have been a huge help in getting my data system up and running. He gives away a ton of information that would have taken years to learn. Definitely worth the price of admission!"


"If you have one of these systems you may have been like me and just use a small percentage of the available capacity of the analysis software. I am amazed at what can be done with the advanced math formulas and custom profile pages. "


"I am positive that it will be the most cost effective lap time improvement that you have ever purchased. I would encourage any one with one of these systems to join the class. "


Race Tips -  Stronger  Memory via Track Maps


mapNeurobiological research has shown that the hormones cortisol and adrenaline produced by the adrenal gland work together to strengthen memories of events during stress.


You can tap into that power and actually further strengthen memories of detailed events on the race track by using a map of the track immediately after a run.


As soon as you get out of the race car, go directly to a quiet place and write on the map everything you can recall: brake points, throttle points, shift points, spots of good grip or bad grip, etc.


Later, you can use this map with your data acquisition to spot improvement areas much faster and improve your driving skill.

Equation of the Month - Pinion Angle Change

This month's equation is helpful for 3 link rear ends or parallel 4 link rear ends.  Pinion angle can be quickly changed by twisting the upper and lower trailing rods.  This equation is set up to use an equal number of turns (top and bottom) to change the pinion angle.

Pinion angle change = ATan (NT x 4 x TP / VD). NT is the number of turns the trailing rod is twisted (note 1 flat = 0.167 turns), TP is thread pitch (note 20 tpi has a TP of 0.05) and VD is the vertical distance between the top and bottom trailing rod in the side view of the axle.
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