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Feb - Mar 2011

Tech Tips -  Replacement Ball Joints


ball jointIf you race in a class where stock style ball joints are used and/or required, here is a great tip.

Many people are unaware that ball joints are available with different length studs.  Depending on the original specs, some studs are available from 0.3" shorter all the way up to 1.0" longer.

This can have a huge impact on suspension geometry and drastic changes in roll center locations.  This provides an extra trick to adjust suspension geometry rather than just the bushing location attached to the frame.

So, the next time you sit down with your suspension software remember this ball joint tip.  Just be sure to check for wheel backspacing and rim clearance.

News -  Data Acquisition Classes


Start the new year with a huge leap over the competition.  Data acquisition is the biggest advancement in racing in over 40 years.  However, many people are still missing this advantage.


Don't have a data system?  No problem!  Here is the opportunity for you to see what can be done with data before making a commitment to buy a system.


Already have a data system, but just use it as a fancy dash?  Unlock the incredible power of what you already own. 


Satisfaction guaranteed!  To see more details or sign up click here but hurry. Classes start the week of March 21st.

Equation of the Month - Aerodynamic Drag

Once you go to a chassis dyno you can use that info to get your aerodynamic coefficient of drag with this handy formula.

HP/(((PS+(cos(HWA*0.01745)*HW))^3*0.0027*0.0025*A  HP is the horsepower measured at the wheel. PS is the car's peak speed or top speed (mph). HWA is any head wind angle (degrees) during the the peak speed run. HW is head wind (mph), and A is the car's silhouette area as viewed from the front. Note: The 0.01745 is used for spreadsheets that work in radians rather than degrees.  If using a hand calculator using degrees, omit the 0.01745

Next time we will use this value in another equation.
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