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October 2010
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News -  Online Resources
Racing season is wrapping up which means it's time to start planning for winter updates and/or mods to your race car.
Racing related reference information is key for fueling those winter project plans.  That's why I'm constantly adding to the online Racing Reference library.
The racing reference library is free and open to all racers.  However, I do ask that if you find it helpful, then help contribute to the knowledge pool and let me know about other resources that should be added to the library.
Happy reading!
Tech Tips -  Taking Tire Temperatures 
Just like most everything else in racing, consistency is paramount. Start with the same tire each time and use the same sequence of taking the temperature on each tire (e.g. inside, middle, out).  It's important to do the whole process in 2 minutes or less from when the car stops.
When collecting this info, driving from the race track  through the pits and into the parking lot is not a good idea either.  The object is to measure what is happening on the race track, not the parking lot.
When using a probe "needle style" pyrometer, I like to stab twice in slightly different spots (for just a second to heat the needle), then I stab for the actual temperature reading.  Also, avoid any big old blobs of "pick up rubber."
With IR pyrometers I like to take the reading below 3 o'clock or 6 o'clock on the wheel rather that top dead center, because I've encountered issues with brake rotor heat.  Again, watch out for the pick up rubber.
Equation of the Month - Avg Lateral G force

Oval track racers, here's one for you! This fun little equation can be used to calculate your average lateral G for 180 degree corners.
((0.5536 * R / T)^2 ) / R Where R is the radius of the corner (in feet) and T is the time (in seconds) to travel through the corner.
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