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September 2010
This newsletter is intended to be current and relevant to your racing.  If there is a subject you would like to see covered, drop me an email and I'll get your suggestion in a future issue. 
News -  OFF SITE DATA ACQUISITION SERVICES     Just in time for the Runoffs

What if you could get professional engineering services on demand at a race or a practice or a test at a fraction of the cost of an on site engineer? 


Auto-Ware's Off Site Data Acquisition analysis will evaluate your data in less than one hour after you finish a run, qualifying, or a race.


The Off Site Data analysis also provides improvements to your current software by giving you math channel equations and CDS views, or Pi worksheets, or AiM profiles. 


Sign up for Off Site Analysis. Then email your current run data to Auto-ware. It will be evaluated immediately.  Shortly thereafter, I will call you with a review you can follow on your computer because we are working from the same screens.


Depending on your sensors and system, everything from shocks to chassis, gearing to handling, and even driver development can be addressed with this new service. It's just like having a full time Engineer on the team, but without travel expenses, pit passes, per diem or payroll.


Beat the competition with this personalized service. Space is limited. Call now for details and reserve your spot! (800) 647-2392 ext 201


Tech Tips -  See All You Can See in Data Analysis Screens 
Many of you have the Race Studio Analysis from AiM.  A common complaint I hear about this software is that it is unfriendly because you have to load and unload numerous graphics to analyze the data.
Here is a trick few people know (sometimes even tech support).
After you start the Race Studio 2 Analysis, but before you Open a Test, go to the File menu in the top left of the screen and click it. Then select Preferences from the pull down menu.
A General Software Setup window will appear with 3 tabs across the top.  Select the SW Management tab.  In the top section under Software, check the box to Enable multiple views and then click OK.
You will now be able to create multiple graphic rich displays that you can save as Profiles for quick analysis of your data in the future.  For more info on building RS2 profiles check the Data Acq webinars at the Auto-Ware web site 
Equation of the Month - Compression Ratio

There are many programs on the market that do this simple calculation, but I have had requests for this equation. Enjoy!
((PI*((B/2)^2)*(DC+GT))+((HCC-PCC)*0.06102)+(PI*((B/2)^2)*S))/((PI*((B/2)^2)*(DC+GT))+((HCC-PCC)*0.06102))  Where PI is 3.14159, B is bore in inches, S is stroke in inches, DC is deck clearance in inches, GT is head gasket thickness in inches, HCC is the head chamber volume in CCs, and PCC is the piston dome or dish volume in CCs (if you have flat top pistons with valve reliefs or a dish the value is negative, if it is a dome the value is positive).
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