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March 2010
We're Back!
It has been a while, but the Performance Tech News is back.  Keep an eye on your email box for news items, tech tips and a new feature "Equation of the Month."
News -  Front Suspension Geometry Pro 4

fsgp shot
L@@K at this, you won't believe your eyes!  After years in development the new Front Suspension Geometry Pro 4 is now available.  Great for formula cars, stock cars, modifieds, drag cars, and hot rods.
This program has raised the bar for suspension software.  You said you wanted an EZ button, well we went one better and developed an OPTIMIZE button.
You told us you wanted to know what happens to your roll center when you change ride height or tilt, and now in 6 clicks or less you have your answer.
You can even run the software like a VCR and watch your chassis and suspension dive and roll in the corners.  Plus, you can run two set-ups at once to find improvements.
Don't let the get competition the jump order today!
Tech Tips - More Newsletters?
This month rather than a single Tech Tip, we'll point you to a virtual library full of tips.  We have assembled a great collection of reference materials and Mark Ortiz's newsletters back to 2000 which are packed full of tech tips.  Click here to see library
Equation of the Month - Engine air inlet vs MPH

inletThere is always concern regarding vehicle speed and a hood scoop or snorkel opening.  Use this equation to identify the speed of the air entering the inlet.
 CID * VE * RPM * 0.0000047 / IA  where CID is engine displacement, VE is volumetric efficiency usually 90 to 105 for performance engines, and IA is the inlet area.
If the vehicle is going faster than the inlet speed then the pressure increases "ram air concept", if the car is going slower than the inlet speed then the pressure drops. 
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