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April 2010
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News -  Race Car College is Now Open

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Many people say they love motorsports and wish they could do it for a living.  The dreams are out there, but few live the dream.  So, if motorsports is your passion, why not take it to the next level?

Truth is, most people work harder and smarter at their "8 to 5" job than their racing efforts.  Most occupations these days require continued education to stay competitive or current with technology.  Now you can take that same approach in your motorsports ventures.

The Race Car College webinars were created to bring motorsports education to you, rather than you going to some old building.  Here you can gain knowledge and insight, quickly and conveniently while at your own computer.  Classes currently cover Front Suspension, Roll Center Theory, and the very popular Data Acquisition series for the common racer.  Coming soon will be the Engine Science series, too.

Living the dream is within your reach.  Go to and find a class to expand your possibilities.
Tech Tips - Tire Cards

tire card
Just like HP, manpower is a motorsports requirement, too.  It takes all the help you can get, even if it is volunteer.  Typically, volunteers or lesser skilled crew members are assigned less demanding tasks, but everything is important.
Communication is also critical in motorsports no matter what the task.  Yet, as critical as tire pressures are, this low demand task gets botched countless times at all levels of competition (hobbyist to pro).
I tackled the issue by getting some blank laser perf business cards at the office supply store and 
made tire cards.  The card has cold psi along with target psi and other notes.  Hand the card to your tire guy and prevent the constant questioning of "What pressures are we running?"  If the target hot psi is not reached, the tire guy uses the back side of the card to record actual psi and other notes.  
Equation of the Month - Weight vs. %
Often someone asks "How much will my weight distribution percent change if I move some ballast?"  Now you can use this equation to get the answer.
BW x IN x 100 / (WB x TW) = % change   BW is the ballast weight to be moved; IN is the distance in inches the ballast is moved; WB is the wheel base in inches; and TW is the total weight of the car including the ballast weight.
If you are moving the weight forward then the front % will increase by the amount in the equation; likewise the rear will be reduced by the amount in the equation.  When moving weight to the rear, the rear % increases and the front decreases by the amount in the equation.
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Happy racing,
John Block
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