Autumn is in the Air!
October 2012
Dear Friend of Impact Thrift Stores,   
Fall is here... school is in full swing and we have so many ideas to share with you!
An October Creative Challenge for You!
Serina dressed as a fairy for Halloween
Fabulous Customers... We've seen how creative you can be! Halloween costumes for example! Anything can spark an idea... an unusual men's tie, a hat or jacket, perhaps a great pair of sunglasses or a length of tulle!
Your challenge... should you choose to accept it.... is to create a Halloween costume from Impact Thrift Store finds!
Email us a photo of your thrift store inspired costume by Wednesday, October 17 and enter to win a $25 Impact Thrift Store Gift Certificate! Winner will be chosen at random from entries received.
Not interested in creating a costume from scratch? We've got you covered! Each store also has a great variety of new, ready-to-wear Halloween costumes (while supplies last) that will certainly fit your budget and your child's imagination. 
We've also gathered some easy costume tutorials and fun family crafts and recipes on our DIY Halloween board on Pinterest
And remember... shopping at Impact Thrift Stores is a great way to recycle/upcycle and help support locally-based charities as well!  
Donate = Recycle = Community
Cement Cow at Montgomeryville Silent Auction

It sits there.


It's perfectly good but you haven't used it in months or years. It gathers dust. 


Maybe you've even named It!


Maybe your neighbor has an IT (or 5), too! Maybe if we put our ITs together and gather more neighbors and their ITs we can have a... drum roll please... Community Donation Drive!


Read more about how you can turn IT into a community event which helps both the environment and raises funds for local charities!

Organized Chaos... Good, Better, Best!
Good Better Best Blog post image
Coats... book bags... shoes... keys... Do these things tend to accumulate in one spot in your home? In your mud room or kitchen? Near the back door, front door or wherever the kids drop them when they get home from school?

Would you call it organized chaos? Or maybe a little less than organized? Your solution might be a simple piece of furniture that can be divided into sections for each family member to store their belongings. 

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Calling All Seniors!
No coupons...
No fine print!
At Impact Thrift Stores, we now offer 25% store-wide savings every Wednesday for Seniors 60 and above! 
No need to clip coupons... just shop any of our 4 stores on Wednesday!
An Impact-full Face Lift! Facelift in stores


are set up like small department stores, clean, organized and professionally staffed. But we discovered that our new Feasterville store has raised the bar... 


Please pardon our appearance as we give our first three stores a face lift!
Open for me the gates of righteousness; let me enter and give thanks to the Lord. ~Psalm 118:19