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3-Way Slide Valve
Greetings Fabco Distributor!Fabco-Air Slide Valve


Were you aware that Fabco-Air sells slide valves? 


This pneumatic slide (or sleeve) valve may be used to quickly and easily vent downstream air to the atmosphere.

By moving the sleeve in one direction, the air is free to pass through the sleeve valve to the system. By moving it in the opposite direction, the supply is shut off and the downstream air is vented to the atmosphere.

This unit is compact, neat and aesthetically pleasing to use, and best of all, competitively priced.


Pricing information can be found on the last page of our Filter ~ Regulator ~ Lubricator catalog. 

Catalog FRL-06 can be downloaded at:

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The literature is also available on our literature request form, as well as our main catalog download page.
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