The prodigal son in Jesus' parable jumped at the chance to live free from the rules of his father; his pride fueled his decision. He survived for a while by his own giftedness and survival skills, but his foolish choices perpetuated a tug of war between pride and humility. Pride won temporarily. With his heart scattered like grains of sand on a beach, the farther he traveled away from home, the more compact his heart became.

The prodigal son had a sand heart, one that required a storm to shape it, and as his resources dwindled, he stood on the verge of a tsunami. It was the natural consequence of the foolish way he had abused his resources from his lack of humility, especially toward his father. Perhaps the prodigal would have reflected on Solomon's warning, "An inheritance quickly gained at the beginning will not be blessed at the end" (Proverbs 20:21).


If your sand heart has presented you with a low pressure system that is about to scatter your resources in the wind, would you consider the prodigal son's example and return to your heavenly Father? He will restore you with a heart of clay.

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