April 2010             "Moving You Forward"

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topDear VIBRA family and friends,

Welcome to our latest edition of "VIBRA Buzz" developed to keep you connected to everything going on at VIBRA Bank: news about our services and products, upcoming events, your success stories, meet VIBRA's Team and the members of VIBRA Winners Circle!  You will also see how VIBRA Bank is working with the community and learn how you too can get involved.  Look for "VIBRA Buzz" every two months, and stay VIBRAntly connected!

VIBRA's Corner

Message from the CEO

Scott Parker

Dear VIBRA Family,

Vibra Bank is making loans!

I wanted to make this statement right up front in this issue of our newsletter, because I keep hearing in the media that banks aren't lending.  Well, at least one bank is...and that's Vibra Bank!

We've continued to support businesses and individuals throughout San Diego County with our lending efforts during the first quarter of 2010, expanding Net Loans to $39.9 million.  These are millions of dollars going back into the local economy, back into our community, and working for our customers and shareholders.
Thanks to the many relationships we've built since starting the bank, our growth has continued, with total assets as of 3/31/10 reaching $54 million.  Total Deposits reached $40 million at the end of the quarter. We are providing great service to our existing customers, and welcoming new customers into the bank every day.
Whether you are interested in an SBA loan, a business line of credit, or a real estate loan, we have the experienced team to take care of your needs, and we want your business!
If someone you know isn't finding such a "can-do" attitude at their bank, do them a favor and tell them about Vibra Bank.  
Scott Parker
VIBRA Stock by Howard Levenson, VIBRA Bank Director
Howard Levenson
You can own a "piece" of your bank by joining the more than 200 individuals, trusts, partnerships, IRA's, and profit sharing plans that already are owners.

Existing shareholders include customers, employees, friends, long-term investors and, naturally, all of the bank's Directors and Senior Officers.

VIBRA BANK is a publicly traded company so anyone can be a part owner. Shares of the bank's stock are listed on the Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board (OTC-BB) under the symbol "VBBK". Current prices and activity can be accessed at most major financial web-sites including Yahoo! Finance, which adds an ".ob" to the symbol (vbbk.ob).

On April 21, 2010 the stock was quoted at $18.00 bid and $21.00 asked, up $1.00 from the date of our previous newsletter. While the stock does not trade actively, over 5,000 shares have traded during 2010. Nevertheless, investors are cautioned to place their orders with care.

For more information about VIBRA BANK shares and how you can establish a position in the stock (or add to your current holdings) please contact: Richard S. Levenson, President of Western Financial Corporation at (619) 544-0260 or rick@westfincorp.com.
It is important to remember that the stock of VIBRA BANK is not FDIC insured, is not a deposit of the bank, and that the ownership of shares is subject to market risk including the possibility of loss of value.
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VIBRA Team - Rigo Herrera, VIBRA Bank, SVP/Commercial Loan Officer

Rigo Herrera

Rigoberto 'Rigo' Herrera has more than 13 years of international and domestic lending experience. Before moving to San Diego he worked for three international banks, Pacific Commerce Bank, Banco de Sabadell and Banco Mercantil, all in Miami, Florida. Prior to joining Vibra Bank, he worked for Excel National Bank, Point Loma Community Bank and Seacoast Commerce Bank as Vice President and Loan Officer. His lending efforts have been primarily focused on serving the Hispanic/Latino businesses.

Rigo has extensive knowledge of all matters related to banking and businesses. As a SVP/Commercial Loan Officer, he facilitates business growth by working together with current and prospective customers, ensuring complete satisfaction with their banking experience.

Born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, Rigo obtained a BBA from the University of Miami. He supports the national Multiple Sclerosis Society, the Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF), and Casa de Venezuela in San Diego, with activities, events and fundraising throughout the year. When Rigo is not behind a desk, he enjoys practicing all kinds of sports, especially running. He also takes pleasure in extreme sports like skydiving.

If you have questions about VIBRA's services and products, or are interested in making VIBRA your banking partner please call or stop by the branch. Rigo is here to help you! 
You may contact him at (619)651-9392 or via email at  RHerrera@vibrabank.com 
VIBRA Tips Social Networking Security
Social Networks
Social networking websites such as Facebook and MySpace allow you to reconnect with old friends and make new ones.  They allow you to share ideas and the events of your life with the people in your network. However, the ease with which people can obtain the personal information you make available can be cause for security concerns. If you use social networking sites, you can protect yourself by following a few simple guidelines. 
Limit your available personal information
Be wary of making too much personal information available online. Online banking and e-commerce sites frequently use "challenge questions" to help you recover a forgotten password, or for other security purposes. Often, your online profile will contain enough information to answer these questions. If a hacker has access to this information, he may be able to break into your online banking account.
Use privacy settings to restrict who can access your information...
Most social networking websites provide a way to limit what information is available and who can see it. Familiarize yourself with how the privacy settings work, and set them to limit your exposure as much as possible. If your social networking website has no privacy settings, consider taking your online socializing elsewhere.
Vary your password
Use a password for social networking websites that is different from the ones for your e-mail, e-commerce and financial websites. Ideally, you should use a different password on each website.
Know who you are "friending"
Consider refusing friend requests from people you don't know. They may be interested in more than your friendship.
Beware of following links

Links sent in messages sometimes lead to websites that distribute malware. Consider the source of the message: If it looks suspicious, ask your friend if they really sent it. If they didn't, their computer may be infected with malware which actually sent you the message.
Talk to your kids about security
If you have children, talk to them frequently about how to remain safe online.  

Winners Circle

VIBRA Bank wants you to get to know our family!   Every month, we will showcase the stories of people in our bank community, the business community, and the community at large who are moving forward and making a difference.  We are a diverse group of customers, shareholders, colleagues and friends.  If you want to nominate someone to be featured in our Winners Circle, email us at VIBRAbuzz@VIBRAbank.com Get acquainted and find out how you too can be part of  VIBRA Bank Winners Circle.
VIBRA Customer Showcase- b2be Sports & Wellness


b2be sports & wellness is the first fitness center of its kind in San Diego County. By combining state-of-the-art equipment, luxurious facilities, and family programming, b2be promises to offer the best in Boutique style fitness centers with accessible pricing & extraordinary service levels. b2be's "united family" concept is unique, because they provide the entire family a place to spend time together, while still meeting the needs and expectations of individuals.


In 2009, a group of Mexican fitness entrepreneurs, creators of the second largest chain of sports facilities in Latin America, decided to develop an exclusive and innovative concept in the United States. VIBRA Bank provided b2be with the business loan to help them build the modern facilities. "We got very favorable terms and we are pleased with the great customer service provided by the staff", said Hector Troncoso & Omar Nacif.


b2be sports & wellness has arrived to revolutionize the fitness industry and with its philosophy & experience, the owners ensure that the level of service and satisfaction will deliver an unmatched experience.


To join today visit their website www.b2bewellness.com or call 619.754.6812.


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VIBRA Customer Showcase -
First Dental Health
Since 1995 First Dental Health PPO networks have been helping people save money on all their dental care. Today, more than 750,000 Californians use a First Dental Health PPO, EPO and Access network as part of their insured, self-insured or discount dental plan.  In 2006, First Dental Health became California's first Knox-Keene licensed dental discount plan.

New Dental Choice

Their discount plan, New Dental Choice, was designed to offer small employers access to the large network and deep discounts typically reserved for insurance companies and large employers.  New Dental Choice is not insurance.  It is a membership-based dental discount plan that lets members decide when to go the dentist, how often, and without limits on how much can be saved. 

To learn more please visit their website www.newdentalchoice.com 
You and your colleagues and friends can be part of VIBRA's Winners Circle too! Email us your "Winners Circle" nomination to VIBRAbuzz@VIBRAbank.com. Please make sure to include your name and contact information so we can reach you too.

VIBRA Community Corner


Giving Back, Getting Involved

Being a community bank is not something we say, it's something we do.  VIBRA Bank, its Board of Directors and its employees choose to serve our community in ways that go beyond the branch location.  In the past year, VIBRA Bank or a VIBRA Team individual acting on a personal level, have supported a number of organizations and events, not only monetarily but also with our time, as leaders and volunteers. Below are some examples of our latest involvement.

VIBRA Bank Joins National Effort to Ensure Latinos & Immigrants Participate in the 2010 Census

Ya Es Hora
VIBRA Bank joins national "Ya es hora" to ensure a full count in the San Diego County.
VIBRA Bank has joined the historic "Ya es hora íHAGASE CONTAR!" (It's Time, Make Yourself Count!) Campaign. The coordinated national effort seeks to ensure that every Latino and immigrant in Chula Vista is fully counted in the 2010 Census.
As a partner of the "Ya es hora, íHAGASE CONTAR!" Campaign, VIBRA Bank, will focus on promoting the importance of the Census, inform the community about filling out their Census forms and encourage every household to mail back their form on time. The U.S. Constitution requires all residents of the United States, including immigrants, to participate in the decennial Census. Census statistics determine reapportionment and political representation, and are also used for allocating $440 billion annually in federal funding for scores of social and economic programs that benefit the states and localities.
"Our community deserves its fair share of political representation and resources. To achieve this everyone must be counted in the 2010 Census," said Vibra Bank CEO Scott Parker. "As a campaign partner, Vibra Bank is committed to a full enumeration in order to help build a better future for our families and community," he concluded.  
Between May and July 2010, households that still have not returned their questionnaires will be visited by a Census worker to take a count in person.
For more information please visit http://hagasecontar.yaeshora.info/

VIBRA Bank goes "GREEN"

Bike To Work Day
Join thousands of San Diegans on Friday, May 21 for National Bike to Work Day! Bicycling to work or school is healthy, environmentally friendly, and economical.

During your morning commute, cruise by VIBRA Bank's pit stop[530 Broadway, Chula Vista] between 6 a.m. and 9 a.m. to refuel with free energizing snacks, beverages, and to pick up an official Bike to Work Day t-shirt, free with your registration receipt. 
For more information & a list of all pit stops please visit the website.

VIBRA Bank supports the San Diego Latino Film Festival 

SDLFFCelebrating the best in international Latino cinema at the longest-running Latino Festival in Southern California, San Diego Latino Film Festival proudly celebrated its 17th anniversary edition. The Festival was held from March 11-21, 2010 at UltraStar Mission Valley Cinemas at Hazard Center.

VIBRA Bank was a proud supporter of this year's festival.
Vibra Bank's Booth at SDFF
Vibra's Booth at Festival

Proceeds from the festival go to the Media Arts Center whose mission is to promote access to film and video as tools for community self- expression and social change and to support the professional development of media artists.
Business Networking Corner

If you are a VIBRA customer and want to reach other VIBRA Bank clients, shareholders, colleagues and friends, join our Business Networking Corner.  In VIBRA Buzz e-newsletter each month we will select several VIBRA Bank customers and showcase their business and special promotions.  It's a great opportunity exclusively created for VIBRA Bank Clients to reach a new audience.   Email us at VIBRAbuzz@VIBRAbank.com  Make sure to include your contact information, the name of your business and one or two sentences describing your business.  And keep checking VIBRA Buzz for your feature!
Thank you for being part of a year of continuous growth and active lending!
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Incredible Money Market Deposit Account Rate

.90% APY*
Money Market
Deposit Account for balances of $250,000 and up


* Annual Percentage Yield (APY) advertised is valid as of 4/22/2010 and subject to change without notice. Fees could reduce earnings on this account. Lower balances may earn a lower rate and APY. MEMBER FDIC


Upcoming Business Community Events
>> Apr 29- National City Chamber Luncheon more 
>>Apr 29- Hispanic Chamber Mixer more 
>> Apr 30 - Non-Profit Finance Symposium Tips for Financial Success - more 
>> May 13 - Chula Vista Chamber Mixer more 
>> May 21- Bike To Work Day more


Referral Program


Refer friends, family and business owners to VIBRA Bank today. When they open a new account you can get a cash bonus!
Business Checking: you receive $100
Certificate of Deposit:
you receive $50
Personal Checking: 
you receive $25


Switching Made Easy!
If you think it's going to be a hassle and headache to switch from your current bank to VIBRA Bank, think again! We are making it easy for business owners to change their checking accounts and bill pay to our bank.  We do it all for you! 
Call us today at (619) 422-5300 or e-mail us at VIBRAbuzz@vibrabank.com and make an appointment for us to come to you.  We'll come to your place of business and get everything taken care of. How's that for easy?
Certain statements in this newsletter, including statements regarding the anticipated development and expansion of Vibra Bank's business, and the intent, belief or current expectations of Vibra Bank, its directors or its officers, are "forward-looking" statements (as such term is defined in the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995).  Because such statements are subject to risks and uncertainties, actual results may differ materially from those expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements.  These risks and uncertainties include, but are not limited to, risks related to the local and national economy, Vibra Bank's performance and implementation of its business plans, loan performance, interest rates, and regulatory matters.