October 2009             "Moving You Forward"

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Welcome to our 2nd Edition of "VIBRA Buzz" developed to keep you connected to everything going on at VIBRA Bank: news about our services and products, upcoming events, your success stories, meet VIBRA's Team and the members of VIBRA Winners Circle!  You will also see how VIBRA Bank is working with the community and learn how you too can get involved.  Look for "VIBRA Buzz" every two months, and stay VIBRAntly connected!

VIBRA's Corner

Message from the CEO
Scott Parker
I recently saw a list which showed that the top five biggest banks in the U.S. collectively control $3.9 trillion in deposits.  Bank of America controls over $1 trillion in deposits all by themselves.  So if every B of A depositor kept $250,000 in their account, B of A would still have over 4 million customers!   My point is this:  If you are a depositor at one of these big banks...you may have a hard time getting some personal attention.
Many VIBRA Bank customers switched from big banks because of poor service at their big bank.  Some people continued to bank with their big bank because they felt safer, but then realized with FDIC insurance, they did not have to sacrifice service for safety.
When it comes to FDIC insurance, VIBRA Bank is as big as Bank of America!
That is, you have the same coverage with VIBRA Bank as you would any larger institution, but at VIBRA Bank you are a VIP.  Plus, FDIC coverage on each depositor's account is insured up to $250,000 (at least through 12/31/2013*).  Also, since VIBRA Bank participates in the Transaction Account Guaranty Program, your non-interest earning transaction accounts for businesses and individuals have unlimited insurance coverage.  This unlimited coverage has been extended through 6/30/2010.*
Finally, if you are a CD depositor, you can keep up to $50 million in CD deposits with VIBRA Bank, all of it FDIC insured, through our CDARs service.  Through CDARs, we do all the work of placing funds at different FDIC-insured banks to maintain your insurance coverage, and you get one convenient statement.
So if you haven't already, take advantage of our special 11-month CD of 1.61% Annual Percentage Yield (APY), or earn some referral rewards by introducing a friend or associate to open their VIBRA Bank accounts.  You'll have the peace of mind of FDIC insurance coverage without being lost in the crowd.
*For more information on FDIC insurance coverage, please visit  www.fdic.gov/deposit/deposits  
Thank you for your business!

Scott Parker
VIBRA Stock by Howard Levenson, VIBRA Bank Director
Howard Levenson
Shares of VIBRA Bank are owned by more than 200 individuals, trusts, partnerships, IRA's, and profit sharing plans.  Most of these shareholders view their investment as a long term opportunity to share in the potential success of their bank.
VIBRA Bank is a publicly traded company so anyone can be a part owner. Shares of the bank's stock are listed on the Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board (OTC-BB) under the symbol "VBBK". Current prices and activity can be accessed at most major financial web-sites including Yahoo! Finance, which adds an ".ob" to the symbol (vbbk.ob).
On October 7th, 2009 the stock was quoted at $17.00 bid and $20.00 asked, unchanged from the previous month.  As trading is light, investors are cautioned to place their orders with care.
For more information about VIBRA Bank shares and how to add to your holdings please contact: Richard S. Levenson, President of Western Financial Corporation at (619) 544-0260 or rick@westfincorp.com.
Please remember that the stock of VIBRA Bank is not FDIC insured, is not a deposit at the bank, and that the ownership of shares is subject to market risk and involves the possibility of loss of value.
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VIBRA Team - Dan Schon, VIBRA Bank VP for Business Development


Dan Schon is Senior Vice President of Business Development at VIBRA Bank. Born and raised in Mexico City, Dan earned BA & BS degrees in Economics and Spanish from the University of California, Davis.  He has been in the banking industry for almost a decade and has worked at various institutions including Wells Fargo and IronStone Bank.   Dan joined the VIBRA Bank team before the bank opened its doors to the public. As SVP for Business Development Dan introduces the Bank to customers and makes sure all of our clients are pleased with their banking experience and our products and services.
When Dan is not behind a desk, he enjoys practicing wrestling and Brazilian Jujitsu. He also spends a lot of his time learning about other cultures and languages.  If you have questions about VIBRA's services and products, or are interested in making VIBRA your banking partner please call or stop by the branch, Dan is here to help you!
VIBRA Tips Safe Internet Banking
Tips for Safe Banking Over the Internet

online-bankingThe Internet offers the potential for safe, convenient new ways to shop for financial services and conduct banking business, any day, any time. However, safe banking online involves making good choices - decisions that will help you avoid costly surprises or even scams.
  • Always access your VIBRA Bank's Internet banking by typing in the correct URL (http://www.vibrabank.com) into your browser. Never click on a link in an email to take you to a website and enter personal details either in the email or website. If in doubt, please contact: vibra@vibrabank.com 
  • Password and PIN security: This information should be kept secret at all times. Be cautious about disclosing personal information to individuals you do not know. Please remember that VIBRA Bank would never contact you directly to ask you to disclose your PIN or all your password information.
  • If it sounds too good to be true - it probably is: Don't be conned by convincing emails offering you the chance to make some easy money. 
  • PC security: It is important to use up-to-date Anti-virus software and a personal firewall.
  • Check your statements: It is important to check your statements regularly; a quick check will help identify any erroneous or criminal transactions that might have been performed on your account without your knowledge.
  • Check your banking session is secure: There are two simple indicators that will tell you if your session is secure. The first is the use of https:// in the URL. The other indicator is the presence of a digital certificate represented by a padlock or key in the bottom right hand corner. If you double click on this icon it should provide you with information about the organization with which you have entered in to a secure session.
  • Always completely log off from your Internet banking session.

To learn how to set up your online banking with VIBRA Bank please contact Marco Reyes or Esperanza Daniel at 619.422.5300. 

Want to learn more? Please visit the FDIC website CLICK HERE  

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Winners Circle

VIBRA Bank wants you to get to know our family!   Every month, we will showcase the stories of people in our bank community, the business community, and the community at large who are moving forward and making a difference.  We are a diverse group of customers, shareholders, colleagues and friends.  If you want to nominate someone to be featured in our Winners Circle, email us at VIBRAbuzz@VIBRAbank.com Get acquainted and find out how you too can be part of  VIBRA Bank Winners Circle.
VIBRA Customer Showcase
EastLake Tavern + Bowl

EastLake Tavern + Bowl opened this month as the 2nd location of the Tavern Bowl concept with 50 flat Screens, 10 Bowling lanes, Pool Tables, Game room, Frosty cold brews, tasty Tavern food and action filled events packages for any corporate or private party needs. The first location, East Village Tavern + Bowl, opened in 2007 downtown San Diego in the East Village neighborhood.  
WTThe opening has brought another level of fun and entertainment to families in this community; it also brought life into the design district increasing business exposure and growth to the other local businesses here.  
Tavern Industries, owners of EastLake Tavern + Bowl, had been looking to launch further south for some time but got turned down by other larger banks. VIBRA Bank was able to see Eastlake Tavern + Bowl potential for growth and made this second opening possible.  Since opening, expectations for the new venue have already been surpassed as the community has welcomed Eastlake Tavern + Bowl with open arms.   
Tavern Industries supports Christies Place and Breast Cancer awareness through Susan G Komen for the Cure ongoing with events and fundraisers, in Eastlake they have reached out to the local community to support and provide fundraisers for the different leagues.  They sponsor Olympic Saints Football and Cheer and have their first fundraiser scheduled with Chula Vista Mashers to help them raise money for new sports gear.  Finally, they have already set up meetings with the high schools and Southwestern College to provide fundraising opportunities for sports and education. 

VIBRA Family Showcase
Steve Waldman, VIBRA Bank Founder
Branton & Wilson, APC; Partner and Shareholder

steve wladman

Steven Waldman grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan, before moving to La Jolla, California. A competitive long distance runner, he completed 6 marathons including a top 25 finish in the San Diego Marathon before he started law school at USD in 1989.

Nowadays, Steve is Shareholder/Partner and the Chair of the civil litigation practice group at nationally recognized law firm Branton & Wilson that has been doing business in San Diego for over 30 years.  Steve has been fundamental in the firm's largest growth area over the past 5 years: its international practice group, which includes attorneys who are bilingual and licensed in the U.S. and Mexico, and who are uniquely able to serve the Mexican-American community.  About half his practice is dedicated to general business litigation matters, and the other half to catastrophic injury and wrongful death matters.  His work as a consultant at the Mexican consulate's office has predominantly involved representing Mexican Nationals - referred by the Consulate - whose civil rights have been violated and who have suffered catastrophic injuries and/or the death of a loved one as a result of the negligence or wrongful act of another, as well as individuals who have been victimized financially (losing money, real estate, their investments) as the result of fraud.

Over his career, one of the many cases that stand out is his representation of a mother and daughter whose husband/father was tragically killed in an automobile accident on Father's Day.  The amount he was able to recover for the family will take care of them for the rest of their life as it was one of the largest recoveries in San Diego at that time for that type of case.  
Steve and his partners provide free consultations so don't hesitate to call Steve if you need any legal help. You can reach him at swaldman@brantonwilson.com or 619-236-1891.
You and your colleagues and friends can be part of VIBRA's Winners Circle too! Email us your "Winners Circle" nomination to VIBRAbuzz@VIBRAbank.com. Please make sure to include your name and contact information so we can reach you too.

VIBRA Community Corner


Giving Back, Getting Involved

Being a community bank is not something we say, it's something we do.  VIBRA Bank, its Board of Directors and its employees choose to serve our community in ways that go beyond the branch location.  In the past year, VIBRA Bank or a VIBRA Team individual acting on a personal level, have supported a number of organizations and events, not only monetarily but also with our time, as leaders and volunteers. Below are some examples of our latest involvement.

Park View Little League 

As part of our commitment with the community, VIBRA Bank joined the people of Chula Vista's celebrations and recognitions to our Little League World Champions. In an attempt to support and recognize the achievements of our community heroes, VIBRA Bank gave a donation to Park View Little League.

The donation will contribute to Park View Little League's goal to keep providing a quality baseball program as well as to the purchase of equipment and the upgrade of fields and facilities.
"We're happy to have the opportunity to help recognize the achievements of these players and to show our appreciation for how our community has been represented by the players, coaches, and the organization" said Scott Parker, CEO of VIBRA Bank.
Park View Little League         park-view

South Bay Community Services

On your next visit to VIBRA Bank do not forget to take the time to appreciate an art exhibition prepared by South Bay Community Services (SBCS).
SBCS-artThe SBCS provides short term and transitional housing for victims of domestic violence and homeless families. Clients are offered case management services, individual and group therapy services during their stay at the shelter.
Participants of the SBCS's workshops use art because it provides a direct, gentle, and effective way for battered and homeless women and their children to reconnect with the parts of themselves that they shut off in order to survive the violence and other past traumas. 
SBCS-artIn the safe and accepting atmosphere of the support groups and using art, these women and children break the silence of abuse that locks them in shame and self blame. Learning to see themselves and their art as special rebuilds children's damaged self-worth, so that they are less likely to resort to self-destructive behaviors such as aggression or drug use. It is this kind of early interventions that makes possible a violence-free adult life for children and their families.
Come and appreciate 15 pieces of art while supporting your community!

SBCS-art  SBCS-art   SBCS-art 
Business Networking Corner

If you are a VIBRA customer and want to reach other VIBRA Bank clients, shareholders, colleagues and friends, join our Business Networking Corner.  In VIBRA Buzz e-newsletter each month we will select several VIBRA Bank customers and showcase their business and special promotions.  It's a great opportunity exclusively created for VIBRA Bank Clients to reach a new audience.   Email us at VIBRAbuzz@VIBRAbank.com  Make sure to include your contact information, the name of your business and one or two sentences describing your business.  And keep checking VIBRA Buzz for your feature!
Thank you for being part of a year of continuos growth and active lending!
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One Year Anniversary Special

1.61% Annual Percentage
Yield (APY)*
11-month Certificate of Deposit

Limited Time Offer

* This offer applies to new money only (new or existing customers). A penalty may be charged for early CD withdrawal. Fees could reduce earnings on the account. Advertised rates are valid as of 10/06/2009 and subject to change without notice and are not guaranteed until CD is opened. At maturity, CD will automatically renew at the interest rate and APY in effect for CDs of such term at the time. Special Rate applicable to initial term only.


Referral Program


Refer friends, family and business owners to VIBRA Bank today. When they open a new account you can get a cash bonus.
Business Checking: you receive $100
Certificate of Deposit:
you receive $50
Personal Checking: 
you receive $25


Switching Made Easy!
If you think it's going to be a hassle and headache to switch from your current bank to VIBRA Bank, think again! We are making it easy for business owners to change their checking accounts and bill pay to our bank.  We do it all for you! 
Call us today at (619) 422-5300 or e-mail us at VIBRAbuzz@vibrabank.com and make an appointment for us to come to you.  We'll come to your place of business and get everything taken care of. How's that for easy?


Upcoming Business Community Events
>> Oct 14 - Latina Success Conference more info
>> Oct 14- Tools For Trade - Conference III - Exporting  more info 
>> Oct 21- Hispanic Chamber Oct MIXER more info 

>> Oct 21- Free Small Business Fair more info
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