August 2009             "Moving You Forward"

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topDear VIBRA family and friends,

Welcome to the 1st Edition of "VIBRA Buzz."  This month, VIBRA Bank is celebrating its one year anniversary and is looking forward to a future full of growth!  To keep you up to date, we are launching this new information feature that will keep you connected to everything going on at VIBRA Bank.  We will share news about our services and products, upcoming events, and your success stories. You'll have a chance to meet VIBRA's Team and the members of VIBRA Winners Circle!  Plus, see how VIBRA Bank is working with the community and learn how you too can get involved.  Look for "VIBRA Buzz" every month, and stay VIBRAntly connected!

Headline News

VIBRA Bank, The only locally-owned Bank to open in San Diego county in 2008 celebrates One Year of VIBRAnt Growth and Active Lending: +195% in Deposits and +176% in Loans in the 1st Six Months of 2009 ... A Piece of Sunshine in the Gloomy Financial Cloud!

After raising capital in early 2008, VIBRA Bank opened for business in July of last year.  Though several other banks in the San Diego area were in organization at the same time, they have since terminated their efforts to open, making VIBRA Bank the only new, locally-owned bank in the area to successfully open during the past year.

The good news is that you won't find much evidence of the banking industry's woes at our VIBRA Bank in Chula Vista. Credit is plentiful, meaning the bank has plenty of money to lend.  VIBRA Bank is securing loans daily for small and medium-sized businesses that are trying to grow and move into the future. Interest rates are the lowest they've been in decades, and should help spur the economy.

VIBRA's outstanding team and service has allowed the Bank to achieve phenomenal results despite the crisis. For the six months ending June 30, 2009, the bank has increased assets to $36.9 million, including loans of $22 million and deposits of $24.7 million.
So, even though it may seem doom and gloom at other banks, here at VIBRA, we are actively contributing to our local economy.  Also, remember, the Government has increased the level of insurance on our bank deposits thanks to the credit crunch. FDIC Insurance is now in place for up to $250,000 per depositor for interest-bearing accounts (through 2013) and UNLIMITED insurance for non interest-bearing business transaction accounts (through 2009).
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VIBRA's Corner

Message from the CEO
Scott Parker 
The nation's financial crisis and the banking industry have been the top headlines for the past year. Much of the news has probably left you pondering how a small, new bank is fairing in such a climate.

I want to assure you that VIBRA Bank is financially stable and continuing to grow. As a new bank, VIBRA has a strong capital position, making us one of the most secure banks in San Diego County. VIBRA did not get involved in writing sub prime mortgages or risky securities that led to the collapse of other institutions around the country. It's quite the contrary, actually.
One year ago, we started providing local residents and businesses with the financial resources they need to move into the future.  Our focus is to provide financial stability, support for growth and unmatched customer service to San Diego's small to medium sized businesses and the community at large.
It's been a very busy and productive year at VIBRA Bank.  We have all been working hard, and are excited about the growth that's ahead.
We have reached our one year anniversary and with that come some celebrations!  I hope you can join us and invite others who you think may benefit from our programs and services. Look for details at the VIBRA Upcoming Events section to the right.

And don't hesitate to stop by our beautiful branch at 530 Broadway in Chula Vista.  Invest a few minutes with us and see why we are San Diego's best kept secret.

Thank you for your business!

Scott Parker
VIBRA Stock by Howard Levenson, VIBRA Bank Director
Howard Levenson
VIBRA Bank is a publicly traded company so anyone can be a part owner. Shares of VIBRA Bank stock are listed on the Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board (OTC-BB) under the symbol "VBBK". Current prices and activity can be accessed at most major financial web-sites including Yahoo! Finance, which adds an ".ob" to the symbol (vbbk.ob).

On July 31st our stock was quoted at $17.00 bid and $20.00 asked.  Trading is light and the last trade was on August 5th at $17.00.

For more information about VIBRA Bank shares and how to add to your holdings please contact: Richard S. Levenson, President of Western Financial Corporation at (619) 544-0260 or rick@westfincorp.com.
Investors may purchase shares of VIBRA Bank in their IRA and 401-k accounts in addition to traditional taxable accounts.

Please remember that the stock of VIBRA Bank is not FDIC insured and that the ownership of shares is subject to market risk and involves the possibility of loss of value.

VIBRA Team - Marco Reyes, Financial Services Representative

Each month, we'll introduce you to one of the VIBRA Bank team members.  We are proud to say our bilingual and bicultural staff is comprised of dedicated professionals who will exceed your expectations and work diligently to meet your needs.  We want to be with you every step of the way as you strive for your hopes, dreams and a secure financial future.  That kind of trust is earned, so let's get to know each other!
Marco Reyes is a Financial Services Representative.  A native of Peru, Marco has more than a decade of banking experience and has worked with several institutions locally including Bank of America, Banco Popular and San Diego National Bank.  Marco joined the VIBRA Bank team in September 2008, 2 months after the bank opened.  As a financial services representative, Marco works with clients to open new accounts and make sure they are receiving quality customer service to meet their needs.

But there is more to Marco than banking. He is currently working on his Master's Degree in Spanish Literature. Marco enjoys reading, writing, and listening to music.  Stop by VIBRA Bank and visit Marco and ask him about how you can open an account, start the lending process or find out what great songs he's downloaded on his iPod! 
VIBRA Products and Services
Take advantage of our local decision making and our growing list ofproducts and services to help move your business and your finances forward.
 For Businesses
  • Checking Accounts
  • Savings Accounts
  • Money Market Accounts
  • Certificate of Deposits (CDs)
  • Loans: SBA, Commercial and Industrial, Real Estate, Construction, Lines of Credit, among others
  • Letters of Credit
  • Online Banking
  • Merchant Services
  • Remote Deposit
  • Courier Service
  • Cash Management
  • Cashier's Checks and Money Orders
  • Credit Cards
  • ATM and Debit Cards
For Individuals
  • Checking Accounts
  • Savings Accounts
  • Money Market Accounts
  • Certificate of Deposits (CDs)
  • IRAs
  • Loans: Home Equity Lines, Lines of Credit, Cash-backed Loans, among others
  • Online Banking
  • Cashier's Checks and Money Orders
  • Credit Cards
  • ATM and Debit Cards

Even if you are not located near our beautiful Branch in Chula Vista, VIBRA Bank is able to give you the services you need at YOUR LOCATION:
For Business Customers:

  • Make cash or check deposits at any US Bank Branch in California absolutely FREE. There are thousands of locations all over California. To get started and find out the nearest location to you, contact us at VIBRA Bank.
  • Make check deposits remotely with a special scanner that VIBRA provides.
  • Schedule courier service to pick up cash or check deposits and deliver cash at your location.
For Business and Individual Customers:
  • Use any bank ATM worldwide to withdraw money from VIBRA accounts at NO cost.
  • Transfer money to and from accounts with VIBRA online banking.

Take a look at our Products and Services Catalogue for details that will help you identify which products and services are right for you and for your friends and colleagues.

VIBRA Tips -  The five C's of Credit
While other lenders are tightening and shrinking, VIBRA Bank is funding loans to customers.  We are actively seeking opportunities to grow our loan portfolio. Come in today and ask us how we can help you grow and move forward!
To get started, we want to share with you what Bankers look at to determine if you are eligible for a loan.  The 5 C's of credit are an easy way to help you understand what lenders are looking for.
1.  Capacity - This is the most critical of the 5.  The lender will want to know exactly how you will repay the loan.  The lender will consider the cash flow from the business, the timing of the repayment, and the probability of successful repayment of the loan.
2.  Capital - Capital is the money you personally have invested in the business and is an indication of how much you have at risk should the business fail. Interested lenders will expect you to have contributed from your own assets and to have undertaken personal financial risk to establish the business before asking them to commit any funding.
3.  Collateral - This is additional forms of security you can provide the lender.  What are the assets to secure the debt?  The lender may require you to support your loan with something of value such as real property and/or business assets or a personal guarantee for you or other people that give the bank additional sources of repayment should the business fail to pay.
4.  Character - In other words, Integrity.  Character is the general impression you make on the prospective lender or investor. Your background and experience in business and in your industry will be considered.
5.  Conditions - Conditions describe the intended purpose of the loan. Will the money be used for working capital, additional equipment or inventory? The lender will also consider local economic conditions and the overall climate.
At VIBRA, We welcome the opportunity to talk to you about your banking needs anytime.  Call us at 619-422-5300, e-mail us at VIBRAbuzz@vibrabank.com or come into our Branch today!

Winners Circle

VIBRA Bank wants you to get to know our family!   Every month, we will showcase the stories of people in our bank community, the business community, and the community at large who are moving forward and making a difference.  We are a diverse group of customers, shareholders, colleagues and friends.  If you want to nominate someone to be featured in our Winners Circle, email us at VIBRAbuzz@VIBRAbank.com Get acquainted and find out how you too can be part of  VIBRA Bank Winners Circle.

VIBRA Customer Showcase - Enrique Landa

VIBRA Bank is proud of the diverse and high quality customer base it has formed over the past year.   We are going beyond supplying financial products and merchant services.  VIBRA is making dreams come true! 

Enrique Landa joined VIBRA Bank's growing list of clients in March 2009.  He's a real estate developer who turned to VIBRA for a loan to buy land and develop new projects.
"My experience has been a truly positive one," says Landa. "Everyone is very professional.  I like that I can go straight to the Director about my needs." 
Landa says he also likes the fact that VIBRA is a new, small, community bank that has no baggage and did not participate in sub-prime loans.

"Everyone there has good ideas. They will go the extra mile to make things happen," says Landa.  "It's about time a bank comes to the area to serve the Hispanic community in San Diego."
VIBRA Family Showcase
- David Bejarano, VIBRA Bank Director


David_bejaranoVIBRA Bank Board of Directors member David Bejarano is the  owner of Presidential Security Services, Inc. a company that provides security consulting services to foreign-owned companies operating in Mexico.
 Mr. Bejarano is a familiar face in the San Diego Community, known for both his work and his community service.   In 1979, he joined the San Diego Police Department and served as an officer for more than two decades.  In 1999, Mr. Bejarano was appointed the City's 34th Chief of Police.
Four years later, came an opportunity of a lifetime. Mr. Bejarano was appointed by the President of the United States and confirmed by the United States Senate as the United States Marshal for the Southern District of California.   During his tenure, Bejarano was appointed to Chair a Federal Narcotics Enforcement Initiative focusing on the California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas borders. This leadership role provided Bejarano with a unique perspective on drug trafficking enforcement efforts facing our county and country.  Mr. Bejarano has recently accepted the position of Chief of Police with the City of Chula Vista.
David is one of the founders of VIBRA Bank and is on the Board of Directors.  As a member of the South Bay community, he supports the growth of small and medium sized businesses and is confident VIBRA can help them successfully navigate the future.
Mr. Bejarano is deeply rooted in his community and is an active member of the Chula Vista School District Board of Education, South Bay Community Services, The San Diego Foundation, Thomas Jefferson School of Law, San Diego Downtown Rotary, STAR/PAL, the Jackie Robinson YMCA, and La Cuna, among others.

He has received numerous awards, commendations and appointments for his career and lifetime in public service.    During his personal time he likes to spend time with his wife of 30 years, Esperanza.  They have three children: Marissa, Yvonne, and Michael.
You and your colleagues and friends can be part of VIBRA's Winners Circle too! Email us your "Winners Circle" nomination to VIBRAbuzz@VIBRAbank.com. Please make sure to include your name and contact information so we can reach you too.

VIBRA Community Corner


Getting Back, Getting Involved

Being a community bank is not something we say, it's something we do.  VIBRA Bank, its Board of Directors and its employees choose to serve our community in ways that go beyond the branch location.  In the past year, VIBRA Bank or a VIBRA Team individual acting on a personal level, have supported a number of organizations and events, not only monetarily but also with our time, as leaders and volunteers:

Upcoming Business Community Events


>>Aug 19 - 22 - CA Hispanic Chambers 30th Annual Convention more info
>>Aug 20 - IRS Tax Workshop for Small Business Owners more info
>>Aug 21 -  SD Hispanic Chamber of Commerce - Supplier Diversity Business Expo "Doing Business with Public Agencies" at the US Grant more info
>>Aug 27 - SBDC & CITD Small Business Loan Day at  more info
Business Networking Corner

If you are a VIBRA customer and want to reach other VIBRA Bank clients, shareholders, colleagues and friends, join our Business Networking Corner.  In VIBRA Buzz e-newsletter each month we will select several VIBRA Bank customers and showcase their business and special promotions.  It's a great opportunity exclusively created for VIBRA Bank Clients to reach a new audience.   Email us at VIBRAbuzz@VIBRAbank.com  Make sure to include your contact information, the name of your business and one or two sentences describing your business.  And keep checking VIBRA Buzz for your feature!
Thank you for being part of a year of continuos growth and active lending!

Certain statements in this newsletter, including statements regarding the anticipated development and expansion of Vibra Bank's business, and the intent, belief or current expectations of Vibra Bank, its directors or its officers, are "forward-looking" statements (as such term is defined in the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995).  Because such statements are subject to risks and uncertainties, actual results may differ materially from those expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements.  These risks and uncertainties include, but are not limited to, risks related to the local and national economy, Vibra Bank's performance and implementation of its business plans, loan performance, interest rates, and regulatory matters.
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One Year Anniversary Special

1.61 APY*
11-month Certificate of Deposit

Limited Time Offer

* This offer applies to new money only (new or existing customers). A penalty may be charged for early CD withdrawal. Fees could reduce earnings on the account. Advertised rates are valid as of 08/17/2009 and subject to change without notice and are not guaranteed until CD is opened. At maturity, CD will automatically renew at the interest rate and APY in effect for CDs of such term at the time. Special Rate applicable to initial term only.


Referral Program


Refer friends, family and business owners to VIBRA Bank today. When they open a new account you can get a cash bonus.
Business Checking: you receive $100
Certificate of Deposit:
you receive $50
Personal Checking: 
you receive $25


VIBRA Events 
One Year Anniversary Celebration
>>Open House
Aug 31 - Sep 4
9:00 AM- 5:00 PM

Come and meet us. Let us find a way to help you and your business move forward! Everyone who visits us during this week will be able to participate in a sweepstake where the prizes will be monetary rewards. 
>>Neighborhood Business Power Breakfast          
Sept 10th 
7:30 - 9:00 AM
"The Greatest and the Worst Things Business Leaders have done in Their Path to Success".
By invitation only


VIBRA in the News
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>> Banking On The Border
San Diego
Metropolitan Magazine
-- Yesterday's South Bay, which is today's South County and always a border community, owns a checkered past when it comes to the success of its home-headquartered banking operations ... read more 


Switching Made Easy!
If you think it's going to be a hassle and headache to switch from your current bank to VIBRA Bank, think again! We are making it easy for business owners to change their checking accounts and bill pay to our bank.  We do it all for you! 
Call us today at (619) 422-5300 or e-mail us at VIBRAbuzz@vibrabank.com and make an appointment for us to come to you.  We'll come to your place of business and get everything taken care of. How's that for easy?
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