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March 4, 2011 

The future doesn't belong to the fainthearted; it belongs to the brave.

~Ronald Reagan after Challenger Explosion~


Aloha Team,

challenger crew

Alan's cousin sent us an email a few weeks ago in tribute to the seven astronauts that were killed in the Challenger Space Shuttle in 1986.  Many of you will remember that day as we do, however, it was especially shocking for us since Alan's cousin was one of the finalists for the teacher in space project.  Christa McAullife was ultimately chosen to join the Challenger crew on that fateful journey.   In addition, astronaut Ellison Onizuka  was from Hawaii and this added to the pain of that day for us.   But despite the sadness of that incident,  I wanted to acknowledge how the Challenger astronauts chose to make history by living their lives with purpose and passion.  Through their legacy, these astronauts are still paving the way for many wonderful things to come.   In Hawaii alone, thousands of children benefit from the Future Flight program, Challenger Center and The Astronaut Ellison S. Onizuka Space Center on the big island of Hawaii.  Though 25 years have passed, the  impact of these astronauts still inspire and resonate with many who find their own passion because of those who dared to live their truth and pursue their dreams. It was not about living their lives to be safe.  For these brave souls it was about expanding  themselves and everyone around them  to stretch beyond what anyone thought was possible.  This is a gift to all of us to live our own lives with PURPOSE AND PASSION!  Who you become extends far beyond your time here on Earth.   Make every moment count!

I've linked a Challenger tribute video below.    

http://challengertributesong.com/story.html>  song written by Stephen Kay 2 days after Challenger event.  Read before watching you tube video. 



We recommend reading the story behind the tribute song before watching this video. Though tastefully done, this video contains footage of the Challenger explosion. 


March Madness! 

March madness! 

Click on the image above to view information and details of the Sponsor 3 Get 1 Free Promotion.

Are we excited or what!?  Nu Skin has brought back the SPONSOR 3 GET 1 FREE Promotion for March!  This is the promotion that helped us and our downlines build such a strong organization.  Team Elite Executives like Suzie Park and Deborah Corday  used this promotion to become Team Elites with Nu Skin.  They introduced this system to Steve and Margaret Ruby who also became Team Elites on this system.  


The idea is simple.  Sponsor or be a referring upline for 3 new distributors on your organization who purchase 200PV of products and you get a 200PV package for yourself.  Or, sponsor or be a referring upline for 3 new LOI's in your organization and receive a 500PV package for  youself.  That's free stuff for yourself that you can use to build your business!   


Now is the time to let everyone you know about this incredible promotion.  Believe us, this is a great opportunity to build your business with lots of GSV!    


Click here to listen to Alan's call immediately after Nuskin announced the promotion to the Team Elite Executives.  You can hear Susie Park/Deborah Corday and Steve and Margaret Ruby's stories regarding this promotion.  



Build Your Business
"Brick" by "Brick"

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   "If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn't lead anywhere."

~Frank A. Clark~



Aloha From Team Aloha Headquarters in Honolulu!


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Photo Gallery
alan and dean

Dean Nguyen and Alan Nagao in Orlando. 

orlando dinner

Dean Nguyen's team held a HUGE pre-kickoff dinner in Orlando.  Over 350 people showed up!   


orlando execs

Vietnamese Team Aloha leaders in Orlando;
New Executive and above.   

We are so proud of you!   

orlando leaders

Team Aloha leaders!


orlando leaders too

Orlando leaders posing with Alan 

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